Inspector Cooperative Socities Past Papers

Inspector Cooperative Socities Past Papers

1.Where is kalabagh dam?on the Indus River at Kalabagh in Mianwali District
2.What was profession of fatimah Jinnah?dentist
3.when did Quaid e Azam joined Muslim Leaguel.?1913
4.Who is the president of India? Pertiba patil
5.IMF stands for? International monetary fund
6.GDP stands for? Gross Domestic Product
6.Where is head quarter of World Bank? Washington, DC
7.Where is Mohammad ali Gohar buried in? born in england and burried in Jerusalem (Bait-
8.Which country is in the north of Pakistan?...china
9.Pakistan  major export is? cotton
10.Which is location of pakistan in asia regiön? south
11.Which is current Hijri year? cuurent 1433 AH
12.Safar taif mn hazur pak k sath kon sy shabi thy? zaid bin haras
13.Quran pak mn kis sahabi ka zikar h? zaid bin haras
14.Najashi k samnay kis sahabi ny taqreer ki? jafar tayyar
15.Where is wambildon tanis ground? england
16.How many seats in senate of pak? 104
17.Sad berg k writer ka name? sad barg, khusbo, parween shakar
18.Qurtaba ka qazi k writer ka name? imtiaz ali taj
 19.Bait ul muqadas kis k dor mn fateh howa? hazrat umar
20.Gawadar kis province mein hai? Balochistan
21.Namaz e Juma kab farz hua? 1hijri
22.What is the Length of costal high way?771km
23.What is meaning of commence? begin
24.What is Renewable Source of energy?
25.Peyam-e-Mashriq written by? Allama iqbal
26.Dobtay ko Tenkay ka sahara Mohawra or zarbul missal? Zirbul misal
27.Shikwa poem of Iqbal is contained in which book? Bang e dara
28.Comrade news paper issued by?Muhammad ali johar
29.Most conductor of electircity iron/silvr/coper?coper
30.Vitaman which is  taking from Sun light?D
31.Largest islamic country by Populatin is?Indonesia
32.No of Haroof-e-Muqatiyat are?29
33.Duration of Khalfat-e-rashida?30 years
34.How much Light speed is greater than sound speed?greater
35.inflation means?
36.Which is the famous city in the world?shanghai
37.Indus water treaty held in?1960
38. 18 is 75% of what ?
39. 20 boys and 28 girls find the percentage of girls ?
40. What percentage of 12 of 3 ?
41. What is word meaning of  industrious?
42.It is 5 o clock watch?  by.
43.He is blind ............. one eye?of
44.He is agreed ...... .. my proposal? to
45.10 3/7 is equal to ?
46) Kisi Ki Khas Wasaf Ki bina per usy kia Kehty Hain ?kuniat
47.Where is 10 Downing Street ? England PM David Cameron's home
48.All-India Muslim League founded at? DHAKA in 1906
49.Constipation (Kabaz), caused by? fiber deficiency.
50) Pitras Bukhari Ki Waja e Shorat?Mizah Nigari

51.Where is located Gomal university ?DI khan
52.Who was  last viceroy of Hindustan?lord mount baten
53.Rasool Allah ki wafat kn se hijri ma hui?11hijri
54.Hazrat ibrahim a.s ka laqab?
55. .26divide 100=
103) Meaning Of "Tazbazab"
57.Fiscal year of pak : July 1 – June 30
58.Jews  kis jaga zeyada rahty thy?taif

59.Pakistan's cultivated area?27%
60. What is the largest barrrage of Pakistan? Sakkhar
61.1st chief justice of pak? mian abdul Rashid
62.Pak joined UN in ? 1947
63. 8445 round off in 1000?
64) 2nd Round Table Conference Was Held In ?london
65) Tehzeeb Ul Ikhlaq Written By ?sir syed ahmad khan
66) Largest Employement Is In Which Sector ?agriculture
67) Largest industry ?cotton textile
68) Population Of Pakistan ?18 kror
69) Khyber Pass Connects Peshawar With ?kabul
70) who is Opposition Leader ?ch.nisar ali
71) Baba Farid Ganj Shakr Was Buried In ?pakpatan
72) Bhasha Dam IS In Which Provinc?Northern areas skrdu
73) Largest Food Crop OF Pakistan ?wheat
74) City, Famous For Handicraft And Glazed Pottery ?sialkot
75) Holes In Ozone Layer In Which region ?antarktica
76) Pakistan's Economy FAce Decline Due To ?all of abbove
77) Largest Industry of Pakistan ?
78) Largest City Of the World By population ?tokyo
79) Wrongly Spelt Nusrery, Liberery, Secondary, Primary
80) Begger, Liar, Controller, .....,
81) Tournament, Ornament, Goverment, Refreshment,
82) Parfect, Select, defect,.....,
84) Enormous Means ?
85) Opposite Of Contract ?
86) Uncharged Particle Of Atom ?neutron
87) Speed Of Sound is..............Than Light ?
88) 5448 Rounded Off Nearest 1000 Is ?
89) If 42% of 550 Student Wish To go To College.How Many Wish To Attend The College ?
91) 3% of 12 is ?
92) A rectangle whose length is 16cm And Breadth 3cm, Its Total Area ?
93) In Mein Se "zarbul Misal" Kaunsi Hai i) eid KA Chand ii) Bhudi Ghodi Lal lagam (iii)Doobty Ko tinky Ka Sahara (iv)Apne Monh Mian Mithu?
94) Ghawaze Furqan kisy Kehty Hain ?ghazwa badar
95) Hijrat K Waqt Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W k Sath Kaun Tha ?hazrat abu bakar
96) Jid Ul Anbia Kinhuen Kehty Hain ?hazrat ibrahim
97) Pehli Wahi Me Total Kitni Ayat utrien ?5
98) Wibledon Grounds Are in ?england
99) Maximum Energy Is Given By Which Food Component ?

100) To Operate Copmuter Command given in Desired Way is Called ?

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