General Knowledge of Earth Planet


The earth is the largest and the densest of the four terrestrial planets. It is the most wonderful planet of the solar system. Following are the features of the Earth.
• Its distance from the Sun is 150 million kms.
• Its revolution period is 365 ¼ days.
• Its rotation period is 23 hours, 56 minutes, 40 seconds.
• It has one moon.
• It is the densest planet.
• It is also the watery and bios planet.
• Its diameter is 12756 km (7927 miles equatorial and 7900 miles polar diameter)
• It has atmosphere which contains 78% Nitrogen, and 21% Oxygen.
• Its two-thirds surface is covered with oceans.

• The earth’s surface is rich in Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminium, Iron, Calcium.

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