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PPSC Lecturer English MCQs Past Papers 2015

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PPSC Lecturer  English MCQs Past Papers 2015

1. Who is the writer of, "Piers Plowman".
2. Name the poet, who belong to a small group, got fame after 50 years age?
3. The smallest parts of expression associated with some meaning are called:
4. Who studies a language at one period in time and investigates the way people speak in  a given speeh community in a given point in time?
5. The set of all possible grammatical sentences in the language is:
6. The study of hearing and the perception of speech sounds is called:
7. Phoneme, Phone, Allophone are the concepts of:
8. Consonant that is produced with a stricture is called:
9. Lexical unit in which two or more lexical morphemes are juxtaposed is called:
10. Fries classifies utterances units into :
11. "A word or set of words followed by a pause and revealing an intelligible purpose" is
12. A group of words with its own subject and predicate, if it is included in a larger sentence is called:
13. Mood is related to illocutionary force. Moods are:
14. On linguistic map a line indicating the degree of linguistic change is called:
15. A contract language, a mixture of elements from different natural languages is called:
16. When a pidgin becomes a linguafranca, it is called:
17. Technique used by Skinner is:
18. Consonant produced or formed by closure or near closure of the lips is called:
19. Name the war Byron proved his rebellion by death by opposing Europeans by taking part in the war against Turks and supported:
20. Name the poets who composed Lyrical Ballads(1798):
21. How many sonnets were  written by Shakespeare ?
22. Good relations with neighbours are discussed in poem:
23. The poems written by Coleridge in state of depression , fantasy are:
24. In 19th century novel with children as characters and storie apperaed by?
25. Charles Dickens continued the tradition of ______ in his novels:
26. George Orwell criticises the corruption under the :
27. P B Shelley wrote an elegy on the death of Keats :
28. G.B.Shaw was influenced by , middle-class society characters,:
29. A Doll's House by Ibsen deals with
30. In Sophocles, chorus cosists of:
31. the use of a word or phrase so as to emphasize or suggest its different meanings  or the use of words that are alike or nearly alike in sound but different in meaning;
32. ..... a visual image, used by Oscar Wilde in his works
33. Conceits used by Donne in his poetry:
34. What Philip Sidney attributes to poetry  in his The Defence of Poesy:
35.  The depiction of characters and story in novels changed from extrnal to internal in:
36.  In Ode to a Nightingale:"Where youth grows pale, and spectre-thin, and dies;" refers to:
37. In "Ode on a Grecian Urn" Keats refers Urn as:
38. Keats was influenced by the philosophy ( or philosopher):
39. Keats wrote all of his six odes from:
40.  In The Mill on the Floss, Tom and Maggie represent  Eliot's:
41.  Wordswoth discusses conditions of city life:
42.  Language of rustic people and stories of  rustic people:
43.  Post-colonial literature discusses:
44. T.S. Eliot got Nobel Prize in:
45.  Name the poem written by Miton, epic and critique,:
46. The theme of Paradise Lost  is :
47. The Faerie Queene by Spencer is:
48. Sylvia Plath was the wife of :
49. Who said " Tragedy and common man."  :
50.  Name of the Wife of Bath in the Prologue:
51. Surrey and Wyatt  intoduced in English Poetry:
52.  Which of following is not a Tragi-comedy:
53. Classical method of grammar learning is:
54. Oral method of learnning is:
55. Beckett :
56.  The plays in which vices and virtues were personified are called:
57. (name of writer) who continued the tradition of irony of whose writer
58. Bacon was granted knighthood under:
59. In the poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,  the dice game:
60. There was a question about "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers   by Adrienne Rich"  needlework:
61. Which of the following is not Feature of Comedy:
62. Time flies:

Fill in the blanks: (there were 5 questions, I'm here providing answers)
63. between-over ( The misunderstanding between   two parties  over ..............)
64. down-out  ( unlike eggs, ................................)
65. of- while  ( Fancy happiness of (name) while finding himself free.)
66. pros and cons ( Before deciding consider pros and cons .......................)
67. veracity  ( there was sentence about minister's remarks)
68. Select correct sentence:
a) You will be surprised to know if I tell you who called me last night.
b) You will be surprised to know if I tell you whom called me last night.
c) You will be surprised to know if I tell you what called me last night.
d) You will be surprised to know if I tell you that who called me last night.
69. A revolutionary thinker who exiled to Eton.
70. Ahmed Ali earned his livelihood in 1932 as:
71.Pronouns, myself,yourself ,yourselves,himself,herself ,itself, ourselves,themselves are:
72.   Grotesque
73.   pull the rug from under
74.   Acumen
75.   Patrician
76.   Zenith
77. Paradoxical
78. Close shave
79. Spoken
80. Pique
81. Circumvent

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