PPSC Assistant in Revenue Department Solved Past Paper 2012

PPSC Assistant in Revenue Department Solved Past Paper 2012

1. Shortly after Osama bin Laden's death, bin Laden s body was buried at
(A) Sea ✓
(B) Saudi Arabia
(C) Afghanistan
(D) Yemen

2. Who is the Speaker of provincial Assembly of Punjab?
(A) Humayun Aziz Kurd
(B) Ameer Haider Khan
(C) Rana Iqbal ✓
(D) NisarKhoroo

3. Which two countries claim the Siachen glacier?
(A) Pakistan and India ✓
(B) India and China
(C) China and Pakistan
(D) None of these

4. Shahbaz Airbase is located in
(A) Quetta
(B) Jacobabad ✓
(C) Sibi
(D) Makran

5- Which Asian country joined UN Security Council as non-permanent member for the term of two year on 1st January 2012?
(A) India
(B) China
(C) Pakistan ✓
(D) Nepal

6. Who was Paavo Lipponen?
(A) Prime Minister of Sweden
(B) Prime Minister of Finland ✓
(Cl Prime Minister of Estonia
(D) Prime Minister of Latvia

7. Highest military award of Iraq is:
(A) Iron cross
(B) Order of Al Rafidhain ✓
(C) Australian active service medal
(D) War cross with sword

8. Memo gate scandal is related to which one of the following countries?
(A) Pakistan ✓
(B) Sri Lanka
(C) China
(D) India

9. Which neighbor country of Pakistan is landlocked country?
(A) Iran
(B) India
(C) China
(D) Afghanistan ✓

10. Which of these resorts is not on Florida's Eqnerald Coast?
(A) Pensacola Beach
(B) Fort Walton Beach
(C) Daytona Beach ✓
(D) Panama City Beach

11. One goes to the beach on the Sunshine Coast in which Australian state?
(A) Western Australia
(B) New South Wales
(C) Queensland ✓
(D) South Australia

12. What name refers both to the coast of North, Africa and the San Francesco Bay area?
(A) Golden Coast
(B) Tripoli Coast
(C) Buccaneer Coast
(D) Barbary Coast ✓

13. What is the capital of the country Sudan?
(A) Khartoum ✓
(B) Harare
(C) Kinshasa
(D) Banjul

14. Who is the current President of Russia?
(A) Dmitry Medvedev
(B) Vladimir Putin ✓
(C) Silvio Berlusconi
(D) Vladimir Meadonev

15. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Giliani participated in Annual 2012 World Economic Forum at?
(A) Tokyo
(B) Beijing
(C) Shanghai
(D) Davos ✓

16. When Hamas came into power in Palestine?
(A) 15th February 2004
(B) 25th January 2005 ✓
(C) 21st July 2004
(D) 15th March 2005

17. The French Revolution began in the year
(A) 1770
(B) 1788
(C) 1789 ✓
(D) None of these

18. Sir Sayyed was given the tittle of Knight-hood by the British Government in
(A) 1885
(B) 1888 ✓
(C) 1887
(D) 1889

19. Loyal Mohammedan of India was written by:
(A) Hali
(B) Ch. Rehmat Ali
(C) Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan ✓
(D) Abul Kalam Azad

20. When did Sir Sayyed set M.A.O. High School in Aligarh
(A) 1871
(B) 1875 ✓
(C) 1873
(D) 1872

21. UN General Assembly approved Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty CTBT on:
(A) 15th Oct. 1961
(B) 10th Sept. 1960 ✓
(C) 25th Nov. 1960
(D) 21st Dec. 1961

22. British relinquished the control of Hong Kong and thus it became the part of China on:
(A) July 1997 ✓
(B) September 1996
(C) May 1995
(D) December 1998

23. Which of the following countries was readmitted to the Commonwealth recently?
(A) Nepal
(B) Myanmar
(C) Pakistan ✓
(D) None of these

24. What is the currency of Haiti?
(A) Dollar
(B) Gourde ✓
(C) Peso
(D) Pound

25. On which river Baghiiar Dam is being constructed by Indians, violating the Indus Water Treaty
(A) Jhelum
(B) Sutluj
(C) Chenab ✓
(D) Ravi

26. In what part of the world is the Mosquito Coast located?
(A) Central America ✓
(B) East Africa
(C) Melanesia
(D) Australia

27. A school has enough food for 400 children for 12 days. How long will the food last if 80 more children join them?
(A) 6 days
(B) 7 days
(C) 10 days ✓
(D) 8 days

28. When Pakistan Resolution was presented in 1940, Sardar  supported the same in a very effective way/manner.
(A) Aurangzeb ✓
(B) Abdul Rab Nishtar
(C) Both a and b
(D) None of these

29. The Lahore Resolution was supported by Qazi Muhammad Isa from the province of
(A) Balochistan ✓
(C) Punjab
(D) None of these

30. Name the Sindhi leader who supported Pakistan’s Resolution from the province of Sindh.
(A) Sir Abdullah Haroon ✓
(B) G.M. Syed
(C) Ayub Khoro
(D) None of these

31. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan from the province of supported the Pakistan’s resolution
(A) Punjab ✓
(B) Sindh
(D) None of these

32. Allama Shabir Ahmad Usmani formed a party of Ulema called
(A) Jamiat Ulema-e-lslam ✓
(B) Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan
(C) Jamiat Ulema-e-Musaiman
(D) Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind

33. Qaid-i-Azam wanted three Law Lords from the United Kingdom as important members to be appointed to the
(A) Communal Award
(B) Boundary Commission ✓
(C) August Offer
(D) None of the above

34. The sum of two consecutive numbers is 55 which is the largest number?
(A) 25
(B) 28 ✓
(C) 26
(D) 27

35. A person travels 12 km due North, then 15 Km due East, after that 15 Km due West end then 18 Km due to south. How fat is he from the starting point
(A) 6 Km ✓
(B) 60 Km
(C) 60 Km
(D) 3 Km

36. Who was Leszek Miller?
(A) Prime Minister of Poland ✓
(B) Prime Minister of Slovakia
(C) Prime Minister of Czech Republic
(D) Prime Minister of Hungary

37. United States observed its Independence D--every year on
(A) July 1
(B) July 2
(C) July 3
(D) July 4 ✓

38. The Trucial Coast is a former name of political entity?
(A) Papua New Guinea
(B) United Arab Emirates ✓
(C) Tanzania
(D) Belize

39. The Skeleton Coast lies along the shores of Namibia in southwest Africa. What European country originally colonized Namibia?
(A) Germany ✓
(B) Portugal
(C) Belgium
(D) United Kingdom

40. XLIX is the Roman numerals for which number?
(A) 119
(B) 121
(C) 49 ✓
(D) 99

41. In cooking, what is beamaise?
(M a method of sauteing vegetables
(B) a marinade of lemon juice, French herbs and olive oil
(Cl a French eclair-like pastry
(D) a type of sauce ✓

42. What does the ‘P.T.’ stand for in famous showman P.T. Bamum's name?
(A) Phillip Thomas
(B) Phineas Taylor ✓
(C) Peter Todd
(D) PhileasTrott

43. Banquo and Fleance were characters in which Shakespearean tragedy?
(A) King Lear
(B) Hamlet
(C) Othello
(D) Macbeth ✓

44. What was the name of the river in Italy that Julius Caesar crossed in 49 B C., which caused the citizens of Rome to fear that he was going to attack and impose his dictatorship after his conquest of Gaul?
(A) The Tiber
(B) The Rubicon ✓
(C) The Po
(D) The Ravenna

45. Hemoglobin carries and absorbs what in the human bloodstream?
(A) Iron
(B) Oxygen ✓
(C) Copper
(D) Carbon Dioxide

46. A common nickname for New Orleans is:
(A) Square City
(B) Circle City
(C) Crescent City ✓
(D) Triangle City

47. Who said 'Do not judge a man by his opinions, but by what his opinions have made him'?
(A) Benjamin Franklin
(B) General Douglas MacArthur
(C) Abraham Lincoln
(D) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ✓

48. Which tennis tournament is played on a natural grass court?
(A) The U.S. Open
(B) The Australian Open
(C) The French Open
(D) Wimbledon ✓

49. What country started construction of the Panama Canal*?
(A) United States
(B) France ✓
(C) England
(D) Panama

50. A shift in the frequency of sound waves, higher as they approach, and lower as they recede from you, is called what?
(A) Theory of Motion
(B) Doppler Effect ✓
(C) Static Kineses
(D) Ambulatory Crossover

51. This internationally known psychic got his/her psychic abilities after sustaining a brain injury by telling off a ladder. Who was it?
(A) Jean Shepard
(B) Amelia Tibbs
(C) The Great Kreskin
(D) Peter Hurkos ✓

52. In poker, what’s known as a "Dead Man's Hand"?
(A) A Flush
(B) A pair of Aces and Eights ✓
(C) A pair of 2s and 3s
(D) Four Aces

53. Donald Trump became a billionaire on his own, but he had already been bom to a millionaire father. What business was his father in?
(A) Airline Executive
(B) Gambling
(C) Real Estate ✓
(D) Stockbroker

54. In 2002, what was the most common surgical procedure for gall bladder surgery?
(A) Endoscopic surgery
(B) Hydroscopic surgery
(C) Arthroscopic surgery
(D) Laparoscopic surgery ✓

55. Salaam bought a pair of shoes for Rs.300 and sold it Rs.370. How much profit did Salaam get?
(A) Rs.80
(B) Rs.70 ✓
(C) Rs.75
(D) Rs.20

56. Anwar bought a shirt for Rs.500 and sold it Rs.525. What profit did Anwar get?
(A) Rs.35
(B) Rs.30
(C) Rs.25 ✓
(D) Rs.20

57. If a car is sold for Rs. 50000 the profit is 17 percent, what would be profit percentage if sold for Rs. 47000?
(A) 14.85%
(B) 15.98% ✓
(C) 16.20%
(D) 14.50%

58. Which of the following Asian languages are UN official languages?
(A) Urdu and Japanese
(B) Chinese and Hindi
(C) Japanese and Arabic
(D) Chinese and Arabic ✓

59. Which is the world's second most populous city of the world?
(A) Shanghai
(B) Tokyo
(C) London
(D) Mexico city ✓

60. With which activity is the Wall Street in New York, USA associated?
(A) Films
(B) Banking and Finance ✓
(C) Defence
(D) Literacy arts

61. The book "Unsafe at Any Speed" was an attack on what industry?
(A) Automobiles ✓
(B) Airlines
(C) Horse Racing
(D) Computer Chips

62. What former major league baseball player wrote an autobiography titled ‘The Catcher in the Wry"?
(A) Johnny Bench
(B) Bob Uecker ✓
(C) Yogi Bena
(D) Tim McCarver

63. The bloodiest day of battle of the Civil War was fought at Antietam. In what state is Antietam?
(A) Virginia
(B) Maryland ✓
(C) Georgia
(D) Tennessee

64. In printing terminology, which of the following is an accepted term for backing up a sheet in sheet-fed printing?
(A) Work and tumble ✓
(B) Work-and roll
(C) Work and jump
(D) Work and lift

65. What would take place in a "Roundhouse"?
(A) A train would be turned around  ✓
(B) The "indoor" growing of lilies
(C) A square dance
(D) Ice fishing

66. The cartoon characters ‘Heckle and Jeckle” were what type of birds?
(A) Crows
(B) Ducks
(C) Eagles
(D) Magpies ✓

67. Gwadar Port is constructed in the province of:
(A) Punjab
(B) Sindh
(D) Balochistan ✓

68. First SOS village of Pakistan was established at:
(A) Karachi
(B) Islamabad
(C) Lahore ✓
(D) Multan

69. What is the (population wise) rank of Pakistan among the world’s largest countries?
(A) 5th
(B) 6th ✓
(C) 7th
(D) 8th

70. Which of the following is the oldest language of Pakistan?
(A) Punjabi
(B) Sindhi
(C) Barohi ✓
(D) Pushto

71. Under Indus Water Treaty which rivers were given to India?
(A) Ravi and Beas
(B) Ravi, Beas and Sutlej ✓
(C) Sutlej, Ravi
(D) Indus, Jheium and Chenab

72. Under Indus Water Treaty the rivers given to Pakistan are
(A) Indus, Jheium, and Chenab ✓
(B) Indus and Jheium
(C) Ravi and Beas
(D) None of these

73. 'Marala' Headword has been constructed on River;
(A) Ravi
(B) Chenab ✓
(C) Sutlej
(D) Indus

74. Saindak project is producing copper, silver and gold with the help of:
(A) China ✓
(B) Russia
(C) France
(D) None of these

75. Which of the following are the biggest deposits of coal in Pakistan?
(A) Thar coal deposits ✓
(B) Makerwal deposits
(C) Kalabagh deposits
(D) Noneofthese

76. Which range separates China from Pakistan?
(A) Hindu Kush Range
(B) Pamir Range
(C) Himalayas Range
(D) Karakoram Range ✓

77. Name the range which separates Pakistan from Afghanistan?
(A) Hindu Kush Range ✓
(B) Himalayas Range
(C) Pamir Range
(D) Karakoram Range

78. What burned down in the rock anthem “Smoke on the Water"?
(A) The gambling house ✓
(B) The mission
(C) The bordello
(D) The yacht

79. “Little Round Top" is a mountain of historical significance. For what is it famous?
(A) It was the site of a battle ✓
(B) It was the site of a historic plane crash
(C) It was the site of an asteroid strike
(D) It was the site of a volcanic eruption

80. Before becoming Secretary of Defense under the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, Robert McNamara was president of what large corporation?
(A) Coca Cola
(B) The World Bank
(C) Ford Motor Company ✓
(D) Unicef

81. Dasht River is located in
(B) Punjab
(C) Sindh
(D) Baluchistan ✓

82. How many items are in a dozen?
(A) twenty
(B) twelve ✓
(C) thirteen
(D) ten

83. Which is the heroine of Jane Austen's “Northanger Abbey?"
(A) Caroline Ingalls
(B) Cathy Eamshaw
(C) Catherine Morland ✓
(D) Caroline Bingley

84. Who wrote ‘A Passage to India"?
(A) Kipling
(B) Orwell
(C) E. M. Forster ✓
(D) Scott

85. Which Jane Austen heroine's first name is also a book title?
(A) Marianne
(B) Elizabeth
(C) Emma ✓
(D) Anne

86. Which of the following pass connects Sindh Plain with Quetta?
(A) Boroghill Pass
(B) Kilik Pass
(C) Khan Kun Pass
(D) Bolan Pass ✓

87. Famous Lake Saif-ul-Maiuk is situated in
(A) Ziarat
(B) Swat
(C) Baltistan
(D) Kaghan ✓

88. Which is the most thinly populated province of Pakistan?
(A) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(B) Punjab
(C) Baluchistan ✓
(D) Sindh

89. Lahore-lslamabad Motorway is:
(A) 233 Km
(B) 297 Km
(C) 335 Km
(D) 370 Km ✓

90. The Silver Surfer made his comic book debut as a foe of which superhero group?
(A) The X Men
(B) The Justice League
(C) The Avengers
(D) The Fantastic Four ✓

91. What Indian chief took part in the massacre at Custer's Last Stand and later performed as part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show?
(A) Crazy Horse
(B) Pontiac
(C) Geronimo
(D) Sitting Bull ✓

92. What is the most unusual tourist attraction at Lake Havasu City, Arizona?
(A) A well preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton
(B) London Bridge ✓
(C) The world’s largest skateboarding pit
(D) Tar pits

93. How many bullets are there in a “round"?
(A) One ✓
(B) Twenty Five
(C) Ten
(D) Five

94. What company once used the slogan "You push the button .... we do the rest"?
(A) Kodak ✓
(C) Zippo Lighters
(D) Bell Telephone

95. What do you understand by On Parole?
(A) Under consideration
(B) Conditional release from prison ✓
(C) Temporary basis

96. A Motor cyclist covers 660 feet in 66 seconds. How many yards will he cover in the same time?
(A) 220 ✓
(B) 600
(C) 100
(D) 10

97. If the difference between 5 times and 9 times of a number is 24 the number is
(A) 4
(B) 5
(C) 6 ✓
(D) 7

98. The speed of a car is 30km first hour and 32km in the second hour .its average speed is (A) 30 km
(B) 31 km ✓
(C) 32 km
(D) 33 km

99. Which of these are nicknamed as “Breton Woods Twins'?
(D) IMF & IBRD ✓

100. Which country is the largest debtor of UNO?
(A) India
(B) Mexico
(C) China
(D) U.S.A ✓

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