PPSC Assistant Past Paper 02-02-2019



1. Length of table tennis's table?
2. Number of American President; Grald Ford?
3. Japan old capital name was?
4. Bolo Haram belongs to which country?
5. The function of white blood cell?
6. Handhold devices are called?
7. Ctlr+End?
8. What is the default font style of MS Word?
9. Who was the Mughal emperor before Aurangzaib?
10. Who was the Governor General after Quaid e Azam?
11. Heagual Dam is situated in?
12. TAPI stands for?
13. When was the first battle faught by Muslims?
14. Name of book revealed before Zabour?
15. What is the name of Faiz's first poetry book?
16. What is the birth place of Mirza Ghalib?
17. Asian games held after how many years?
18. Interfex news agency belongs to?
19. Muzdalifa is situated between?
20. What is the seventh month of Islamic Callander? 
21. Awaz Dost is written by? 
22. Who made the character of Tout Batoot? 
23. Who made the character of Sherlock Homes? 
24. Whos Prophet name is Abu Basher?
25. Which denesty ruled first? Tuglaq, Lodhi, Khilji
26. Who was the freedom fighter? 
27. How many seats won by AIML in 1945 Legislative Elections? 
28. Battle of Nehrvan was faught against? 
29. Pristina is the capital of which country? 
30. Which is the second largest province of Pakistan by area? 
31. Butterfly Kick term used in? 
32. Study of handwriting is called? 
33. Do in Rome as the Romans do? 
34. Meaning of Kata in urdu poetry? 
35. Which UN organization controls population? 
36. Which UN office send peacekeeping mission? 
37. Who was the first Pakistani selected as President in UN GA? 
38. Whos Muslim Caliph had all his four sons Caliphs too?
39. K2 is situated in which mountains range? 
40. Mac is developed by? 
41. Meaning of Euphemism? 
42. Who was the captain of Pakistan Cricket Team in WC1992? 
43. Name of current governor of Punjab? 
44. Largest archipelago in the world? 
45. Meaning of Marsia? 
46. How to change font in MS Word by short key? 
47. Skylab was launched in? 
48. 16 November is called a day of? 
49. Hazrat Umer was martyred in which month? 
50. Maximum and minimum zoom size in MS Office? 

Part No. 2

51. Taj Mehal was built in?
52. First novel of urdu?
53. Vessels transport blood from organs to heart?
54. Takht Bai is situated at?
55. State religion declared Islam in Pakistan's which constitution?
56. What is the angle of semi circle?
57. Tajikistan assembly is called?
58. 2 MCQs for direct & in direct
59. 2 MCQS for active and passive voice.
60. One series question.
61. Date of award of Nishan e Haider to Lalak Jan Shaheed?
62. Two preposition question.
63. Reason of left infected eye of Mahraja Ranjeet Singh?
64. Which organization is not part of UN?
65. Optical fibers are used by?
66. Red under lines in MS Word illustrate?
67. Last king of Afghanistan?
68. One megawatts is equal to how many kilowatts?
69. Pakistan cricket team head coach name is?
70. Who made periodic table on the basis of atomic numbers of elements?

(All of The Corrections are Warmly Welcome & Highly Appreciated ) 

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