PPSC Assistant Director Labour Solved Past Paper

PPSC Assistant Director Labour Solved Past Paper

1. Which is the largest community in the world without state?
(A) Greeks
(B) Arabs
(C) Syrians
(D) Kurds ✓

2. Name of hurricane which touches the Florida in 2012?
(A) Diego Garcia
(B) Speedy Waters
(C) Hurricane Isaac ✓
(D) None of these

3. Who is the president of china?
(A) Wen Jia Bao
(B) Xi Jinping ✓
(C) Xinhua
(D) None of these

4. Who was the opponent of Obama in election 2012?
(A) Mitt Romney ✓
(B) Hu Jintao
(C) Bill Clinton
(D) John Carry

5. Sylhet District was the part of which?
(B) West Eastern Division of Bangladesh
(C) North Western Division of India
(D) North Eastern Division of Bangladesh ✓

6. What is the meaning of term Annuity?
(A) Salary Package
(B) Pension Allowance  ✓
(C) Benevolent Fund
(D) Annual Income

7. Which is the American state with most lakes?
(A) California
(B) New York
(C) Hawaii
(D) Alaska ✓

8. Obama got maximum electoral vote from which state?
(A) Alaska
(B) Washington ✓
(C) New York
(D) Hawaii

9. National flower of Pakistan?
(A) Rose
(B) Jasmine ✓
(C) Mustard
(D) Cauliflower

(A) Ahmad G. Chagla ✓
(B) Hafeez Jalandhri
(C) Allama Iqbal
(D) Quaid Azam

11. Timbuktu city in which African country?
(A) Sudan
(B) Chilli
(C) Nigeria
(D) Mali ✓

12. Next winter Olympics 2014 will held in which city?
(A) London UK
(B) Delhi India
(C) Sochi. Russia ✓
(D) New York USA

13. Who is the winner of snooker world championship held in Sofia, Bulgaria?
(A) Muhammad Akram
(B) Muhammad Asif ✓
(C) Ali Abbas
(D) Imran Khan

14. Who is the winner of Wimbledon 2012 men’s single?
(A) Roger Federer ✓
(B) TimWikison
(C) David Wheaton
(D) Michael Stich

15. End of Eden book is written by?
(A) Nicholson
(B) Dr Smith
(C) David Wheaton
(D) Graham Phillips ✓

16. Real name of Sher Shah Suri?
(A) Farid Khan ✓
(B) Bashir Khan
(C) Ameer Khan
(D) Bahawal Khan

17. Which number will come next?
87, 90, 84, 88, 81
(A) 85 ✓
(B) 98
(C) 86
(D) 76

18. The number, whose 9% is 63, is
(A) 700
(B) 800
(C) 900 ✓
(D) 600

19. 20 men can construct a building in 40 days. How long will it take 10 men to do this work?
(A) 50 days ✓
(B) 60 days
(C) 70 days
(D) 80 days

20. A man saves Rs.500 which is 15% of his annual income. How much does he earn in one year?
(A) 3542.50
(B) 3333.33 ✓
(C) 3132.30
(D) 3075.75

21. What is the meaning of AASRA?
(A) Dealing
(B) Shelter ✓
(C) Wages
(D) Work

22. 8 machines can do a piece of work in 10 days. How long will it take 16 machines to do the work?
(A) 7 days
(B) 5 days ✓
(C) 6 days
(D) 8 days

23. Capital of Libya?
(A) Tripoli ✓
(B) Beijing
(C) Kiev
(D) Lisbon

24. Most abundant element crust in the earth?
(A) Carbon
(B) Nitrogen
(C) Oxygen ✓
(D) Hydrogen

26. Capital of Myanmar?
(A) Naypyidaw ✓
(B) Pyay
(C) Bago
(D) Mandalay

27. Ordinary mobiles communication from which rays?
(A) Gamma Rays
(B) Beta Rays
(C) Alpha Rays
(D) Radio Frequency ✓

And Microwave Radiation

28. Currency of South Africa?
(A) The Rupiah
(B) The rand ✓
(C) Dollar
(D) Pound

29. The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah took place in
(A) 628 AD ✓
(B) 632 AD
(C) 634 AD
(D) 640 AD

30. Capital of Uzbekistan?
(A) Samarqand
(B) Zarafshon
(C) Tashkent ✓
(D) Quva

31. Southern Cross is in southern region and at night skies how many stars in it?
(A) 4
(B) 5 ✓
(C) 6
(D) 7

32. Greenwich is located in:
(B) Russia
(C) France
(D) England ✓

33. Zero longitude on the Greenland is known as?
(A) Tropic of Cancer
(B) Zero Meridian
(C) Latitude
(D) Prime Meridian ✓

34. How many districts are there in Punjab?
(A) 23
(B) 30
(C) 32
(D) 36 ✓

35. Latest district in Punjab?
(A) Jhang
(B) Nankan Sahib ✓
(C) Okara
(D) Sahiwal

36. Which gas has the same chemical composition of CNG?
(A) Bio Mass
(B) Bio Gas ✓
(C) Fossil
(D) Energy

37. Trachoma disease related to?
(A) Cancer
(B) Dental Decay
(C) Blindness ✓
(D) Diabetes

38. Hepatitis C affects the?
(A) Liver ✓
(B) Skin
(C) Blood
(D) Urine

39. Which was the capital of Byzantine Empire?
(A) Abyssinia
(B) Angora
(C) Cyclone
(D) Constantinople ✓

40. Who was the head of Byzantine Empire at the time of Muhammad(S.A.W.W)?
(A) Heraclius ✓
(B) Julian “The Apostate”
(C) Constantius ii
(D) None of These

41. Which sahabi’name is in the Quran? *
(A) Hazrat Umar (Razi Allah Anhu)
(B) Hazrat Ali (Razi Allah Anhu.)
(C) Hazrat Usman (Razi Allah Anhu.)
(D) Hazrat Zaid bin Harisa (Zayd bin Harithah) R.A ✓

42. Yasir Arfat died on the date?
(A) 10 November 2007
(B) 21 November 2003
(C) 11 November 2004 ✓
(D) 12 November 2000

43. Ghyasudin Balban tenure starts in year?
(A) 1260
(B) 1266 ✓
(C) 1270
(D) 1280

44. Bastille revolution was in the country?
(A) 14 July 1789 ✓
(B) 24 June 1788
(C) 4 May 1787
(D) 28 June 1790

45. Head of Bank of England is from the country?(A) USA
(B) UK
(C) France
(D) Canada ✓

46. Who is the Head of the Commonwealth?
(A) President of USA
(B) Queen Elizabeth ✓
(C) President of Canada
(D) Prime Minister of Spain

47. Latin term sui generis mean?
(A) Fast
(B) Unique ✓
(C) Rich
(D) Strict

48. Which gas is used in the balloons?
(A) Nitrogen and Carbon
(B) Oxygen and Carbon
(C) Helium or Hydrogen ✓
(D) Methane and Carbon

49. Name the largest fresh water lake in the world
(A) Lake Tanganyika
(B) Lake Superior ✓
(C) Lake Baikal
(D) Lake Michigan

50. English Channel separates England from:
(A) Italy
(B) France ✓
(C) Germany
(D) None of these

51. "Babylon’ is the famous city of:
(A) Iraq ✓
(B) Jordan
(C) Kuwait
(D) Greece

52. Dardanelles strait is located in:
(A) Turkey ✓
(B) Indonesia
(D) None of these

53. The USA consists of how many states?
(A) 42
(B) 50 ✓
(C) 32
(D) 40

54. Name the first person who reached south
(A) Major White
(B) Ronald Amundsen ✓
(C) Charles Conrad
(D) Alan Bean

55. Child labor is prohibited in which act?
(A) ACT 1991 ✓
(B) ACT 1992
(C) ACT 1993
(D) ACT 1994

56. Minimum wages in Pakistan?
(A) Rs 3,000
(B) Rs 8,000 ✓
(C) 4,000
(D) 20,000

57. How many millions child labour in the developing countries according to UN?
(A) 80 million
(B) 150 million ✓
(C) 88 million
(D) 120milloin!

58. What is the circumference to radius?
(A) 40
(B) 42
(C) 58 ✓
(D) 88

59. Pakistan set the Guinness World Record for tree planting,
(A) 341,170
(B) 541,176 ✓
(C) 441, 1780
(D) 241,179

60. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is a stock exchange located in Tokyo, Japan is:
(A) Second largest stock exchange in the world ✓
(B) Third largest stock exchange in the world
(C) Fourth largest stock exchange in the world
(D) Fifth largest stock exchange in the world

61. On which date Gilgit Baltistan was made as separate province?
(A) June 22, 2004
(B) August 29, 2009 ✓
(C) August 24, 2003
(D) May 25, 2006

62. What is the meaning of fluent?
(A) Rich
(B) Poor
(C) Confident
(D) Smooth ✓

63. How many numbers of peaks in Pakistan out of world highest 14 peaks?
(A) 2
(B) 5 ✓
(C) 7
(D) 9

64. Which is the following river in the Pothohar Plateau?
(A) Chenab river
(B) River Ravi
(C) River Liari
(D) Swan River ✓

65. The number, whose 25% is 75, is
(A) 600
(B) 500
(C) 300 ✓
(D) 400

66. Where is the head quarter of ILO?
(A) Washington
(B) Geneva ✓
(C) London
(D) Madrid

67. Now what is the status of philistine in UN?
(A) Bulgaria
(B) Mali
(C) Armenia
(D) Vaticane ✓

68. Prime minister of state of Palestine is?
(A) Hassan Rohani
(B) Kofi Anan
(C) Hasim Thaci '
(D) Rami Hamdallah ✓

69. Latest UNO member?
(A) Armenia
(B) South Sudan ✓
(C) Vatican
(D) Mali

70. In 2003 Secretary General of UN was?
(A) Ban Ki Moon
(B) Kofi Annan, ✓
(C) U Thant
(D) Javier P6rez de Cuellar

71. What is the meaning of Hobson’s choice?
(C) Take It or Leave It ✓
(D) Approval

72. What is the meaning of term Leading Question?
(A) First Question
(B) Introduction
(C) Summary
(D) A question that prompts or encourages the answer wanted. ✓

73. UAE border with Qatar on the northwest
(A) 10km
(B) 19-kilometer ✓
(C) 12 Km
(D) 25 Km

74. Break?
(A) Up,
(B) Down
(C) Of
(D) All of these ✓

75. Antonym of enthusiasm?
(A) Happy Feelings
(B) Great Joy
(C) Sadness ✓
(D) Weakness

76. Synonym of tentative?
(A) Weak
(B) Provisional ✓
(C) Helping Hand
(D) No Response

77. Synonym of weak?
(A) Feeble ✓
(B) Powerful
(C) Courage
(D) Kill

78. Antonym of disjointed?
(A) Organised ✓
(B) Collection
(C) Making
(D) Disorganized

79. Victoria is the name of waterfall. Where is it Situated?
(A) Norway
(B) Philippines
(C) Zimbabwe ✓
(D) Venezuela

80. ROM stands for:
(A) Read only Memory
(B) Read over Memory
(C) Read of Memory ✓
(D) None of these

81. Who headed the Cabinet Mission?
(A) Sir Stafford Cripps
(B) A.V. Alexander
(C) Lord Pethick Lawrence ✓
(D) None of these

82. International Day of Disabled Persons is Observed every year on:
(A) 2nd December
(B) 3rd December
(C) 5th December
(D) 7th December ✓

83. Name of the lower house of the parliament of Malaysia is:
(A) Majlis
(B) Parliament
(C) National Assembly
(D) Dewan Rakyat ✓

84. World No tobacco day is observed on:
(A) 15th May
(B) 25th September
(C) 10th September
(D) 31st May ✓

85. Ontario Lake is situated in:
(B) Canada
(C) Italy ✓
(D) France

86. Which of the following countries lead in the production of tea?
(A) India
(B) Myanmar
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) China ✓

87. Which of the following countries is the largest importer of tea?
(A) Pakistan ✓
(B) Myanmar
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) Japan

88. Which of the following countries was expelled
From UNO when it did not accept the name as suggested by the UNO?
(A) Indonesia
(B) South Africa
(C) Southern Rhodesia
(D) Taiwan ✓

89. Land of silver fiber is the nickname of:
(A) Pakistan ✓
(B) India
(C) Bangladesh
(D) China

90. Wimbledon known for lawn tennis courts is in:(A) London
(B) New York ✓
(C) Washington
(D) Geneva

91. Khyber Pass connects Peshawar with:
(A) Bolan
(B) Gilgit
(C) Kabul ✓
(D) Chitral

92. Khyber Pass is 53 km long. What is the height of Khyber Pass?
(A) 3870 ft
(B) 3670 ft
(C) 3370 ft
(D) 3570 ft ✓

93. Bolan Pass is situated in:
(A) Himalaya Range ✓
(B) Karakoram Range
(C) Hindukush Range
(D) Sulaiman Range

94. Calcutta is situated on bank of river:
(A) Indus River
(B) Hooghli River ✓
(C) Spree River
(D) None of these

95. Dublin is situated on bank of river:
(A) Nile River
(B) Rhine River
(C) Liffey River ✓
(D) None of these

96. The second largest desert of the world is:
(A) Arabian Desert ✓
(B) Gobi Desert
(C) Sononon Desert
(D) Namibian Desert

97. Bali is an Island of:
(A) Indonesia ✓
(B) Malaysia
(C) Australia
(D) None of these

98. Which is the third largest island of the world?
(A) Honshu
(B) Baffin
(C) Borneo Island ✓
(D) None of these

99. The General Assembly meets every year Regular sessions beginning every year in:
(A) September
(B) October ✓
(C) November
(D) December

100. Security Council comprises of 15 members how many non-permanent members Security Council has?
(A) 8
(B) 10 ✓
(C) 9
(D) 7

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