PPSC Assistant Director Project Manager in the Local Government & Community Department 2015

PPSC Assistant Director  Project Manager BS-17

1. Who wrote the famous novel Oliver Twist
(A) Thomas Hardy
(B) Rudyard Kipling
(C) Charies-Dickens ✓
(D) Rider Haggard

2. The term Oligarchy means
(A) Rule of feudal
(B) Rule by small group ✓
(C) Rule of tyrants
(D) Presidential rule

3. Which is the national bird of Pakistan
(A) Peacock
(B) Pigeon
(C) Falcon
(D) Chakor ✓

4. In IT what does HTML stand for
(A) High Tech Meaningful Language
(B) HyperText Meaningful Language
(C) High Tech Markup Language
(D) Hyper Text Markup Language ✓

5. In IT, URL is abbreviation of
(A) Universal Resource Locator
(B) Uniform Resource Locator ✓
(C) Universal Resource Location
(D) Uniform Resource Location


6. Abstruse
(A) Skilled
(B) Evident
(C) Obscure ✓
(D) Lazy

7. Touchstone
(A) Hard stone
(B) Criteria ✓
(C) Static
(D) Heavy

8. Acrimonious
(A) Expensive
(B) Bitter ✓
(C) Momentary
(D) Detailed

9. Succinct
(A) Concise ✓
(B) Tranquil
(C) Superficial
(D) Brave


10. Melancholy
(A) Sad
(B) Happy ✓
(C) Relaxed
(D) Conftised

11. Eminent
(A) Famous
(B) Notorious
(C) Expensive
(D) Unknown ✓

12. Consensus
(A) Agreement
(B) Disagreement ✓
(C) Quality
(D) Special

13. Covert
(A) Clandestine
(B) Virtuous
(C) Underground
(D) Overt ✓


14. To take with a pinch of salt
(A) To take with some reservation ✓
(B) To take with total disbelief
(C) To take wholeheartedly
(D) To take seriously

15. To run amuck
(A) To run a long race
(B) To run about in frenzy ✓
(C) To feel exhausted
(D) To run slowly

16. To pull strings
(A) To use external influence
(B) To tease someone ✓
(C) To speed up
(D) To prepare for something


17. Saleem said, “I do not eat mangoes.
(A) Saleem said, so did not eat mangoes
(B) Saleem said that he did hot eat mangoes ✓
(C) Saleem told that he does not eat mangoes
(D) Saleem insisted that he did not eat mangoes

18. The teacher “Why are you so late
(A) The teacher asked why was he so late
(B) The teacher asked that why he was so late ✓
(C) The teacher asked that why was he so late
(D) The teacher told why was he so late.

19. He said, “She has finished her work”.
(A) He said she has finished her work
(B) He said that she has finished her work
(C) He says that he has finished her work
(D) He said that she had finished her work ✓

20. Oasis is associated with
(A) Glaciers
(B) Deserts ✓
(C) Islands
(D) Volcanoes

21. Ozone Layer prevents from entering the atmosphere.
(A) Infra-red rays
(B) Ultra violet rays ✓
(C) X Rays
(D) Gamma rays

22. Myopia can be corrected by using lens. ’
(A) Convex
(B) Concave ✓
(C) Cylindrical
(D) Piano Convex

23. Wright brothers are regarded as inventors of
(A) Balloon
(B) Bicycle
(C) Aeroplane ✓
(D) Telephone

24. Numismatics is the study of
(A) Coins Money ✓
(B) Numbers
(C) Stamps
(D) Space

25. Entomology deals with
(A) Plants
(B) Mammals
(C) Insects ✓
(D) Chemicals

26. When 40% of a number of is added to 42, the result is the number itself. What is the number
(A) 70 ✓
(B) 80
(C) 90
(D) 75

27. Price of TV is s. 14400. It is sold for two successive discounts of 25% and 10%. The reduced sale price of TV will be
(A) 9500
(B) 9600
(C) 9720 ✓
(D) 9880

28. If 15 men can do a piece of work in 20 days then in how many days can 25 men finish the same work
(A) 12 ✓
(B) 15
(C) 2
(D) 20

29. (60)2 = Y  72 value of Y
(A) 3600
(B) 3528
(C) 02
(D) 50 ✓

30. If it takes 2 minutes to boil one egg, how long will it take to boil 5 eggs together
(A) 2 ✓
(B) 10
(C) 12
(D) 5

31. If the cost of 10 copies of a book is equal to selling price of 8 books then what percentage of gain or lose is incurred
(A) 30% gain
(B) 25% loss
(C) 25% gain ✓
(D) 30% loss

32. If a company sells soaps at Rs. 15 and gives a spoon worth Rs 1.80 free with it making a profit of 10% then what is the cost price of soap
(A) Rs. 12 ✓
(B) Rs. 13.25
(C) Rs. 13.75
(D) Rs. 14.10

33. At which occasion did Salat become an obligation (Farz)
(A) Miraj  ✓
(B) Hijrat
(C) Conquest of Makkah
(D) Visit to Taif

34. Who was the first male to embrace Islam1
(A) Hazrat Ali (RA)
(B) Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) ✓
(C) Hazrat Zaid bin Haris (RA)
(D) Hazrat Warqa bin Nofal (RA)

35. Which of the following according to the Holy Quran is an unpardonable sin
(A) Lie
(B) Jealousy
(C) Shirk ✓
(D) Theft

36. Salat-e-lstakhara is offered for
(A) Rain
(B) Fear
(C) Divine guidance ✓
(D) Drought

37. Muzdalifa is located between
(A) Mina and Arafet ✓
(B) Arafat and Makkah
(C) Muzdalfa and Hljaz
(D) Makkah and Medina

38. Name the person who got the status of Sahabi without having seen the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
(A) Hazrat Awais Qami (RA) ✓
(B) Hazrat Zaid bin Haris (RA)
(C) Hazrat Abu Hanifa (RA)
(D) None of these

39. Who was the commander of the infidels in the Battle of Uhd
(A) Abu Lahb
(B) Abu Sufyan ✓
(C) AbuJahl
(D) Utba

40. The famous book on Fiqh Kitab-ul-Kharaj” was written by
(A) Imam Abdu Hanifa
(B) Imam Shafi
(C) Imam Abu Vousaf ✓
(D) Imam Malik

41. What was Haj made compulsory
(A) 9th Hijri ✓
(B) 10 Hijri
(C) 11 Hijri
(D) 1“ Hijri

42. in which Surah is Bismillah mentioned twice
(A) Surah Tauba
(B) Surah Namal ✓
(C) Surah Baqarah
(D) Surah Nabaa

43. Who added the words Assalato-Khairum-Menun Norn in the Fajr Azaan
(A) Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)
(B) Hazrat Umar (RA) ✓
(C) Hazrat Uthman (RA)
(D) Hazrat Ali (RA)

44. The executive head of a province in Pakistan is
(A) Governor
(B) Chief Minister ✓
(C) Speaker
(D) President

45. The parliament of Pakistan is
(A) Unicameral
(B) Bicameral  ✓
(C) Multicameral
(D) None of these

46. In absence of the President who would act as the President
(A) Chief Justice
(B) Attorney General
(C) Prime Minister
(D) Chairman of Senate ✓

47. Under which agreement was the name of Cease Fire Line changed to Line of Control
(A) Geneva Agreement
(B) Tashkent Agreement
(C) Simla Agreement ✓
(D) Karachi Agreement

48. When did the Cease-Fire Line come into existence
(A) 1948
(B) 1949 ✓
(C) 1952
(D) 1962

49. Karachi Nuclear Power Plant was built with the help of
(A) China
(C) Canada ✓
(D) France

50. In which area of Pakistan is Baltit Fort located
(A) Kyber-Pakhtunhwa
(B) Sindh
(C) Baluchistan
(D) Gilgit Baltistan ✓

51. Half of the Senators are retired after every
(A) 3 years
(B) 5 years
(C) 2 years ✓
(D) 6 years

52. Qutub-ud Din Aibek is buried in
(A) Delhi
(B) Agra
(C) Tashkent
(D) Lahore ✓

53. Who was the founder of “Faraizi Movement In India
(A Shah Ismail
(B) Haji Shariat Ullah ✓
(C) Syed Ahmed Shaheedk
(D) None of these

54. Who was the first, Muslim Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Air Force
(A) Mr Marshal Nur Khan
(B) Air Marshal Zafar Chaudhry
(C) Air Marshal Asghar Khan ✓
(D) Air Marshal

55. “The Pathway to Pakistan is the autobiography of
fA) M.A.H. Ispahani
(B) Chaudhry Khaliquzzaman ✓
(C) A.K. Fazl-ul-Haq
(D) Sir Fazal-e-Hussain

56. The Hindus launched the Swadeshi movement in the wake of
(A) Urdu-Hindi Controversy
(B) Partition of Bengal 1905 ✓
(C) Jallianwala Bagh Massacre
(D) All of these

57. The British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act on
(A) 3 June 1947
(B) 14 June 1947
(C) 5 July 1947
(D) 18 July 1947 ✓

58. Who was the Speaker of the Second Legislative Assembly of Pakistan
(A) Mr. Abdul Wahab ✓
(B) Mr. Abdul Jabbar
(C) Mr. Fazal-ul-Qadir
(D) Molvi Tamizzuddin

59. “Jinnah - Creator of Pakistan an important biography of Quaid-e-Azam, was written by
(A) Hector Boltiho ✓
(B) Stanley Wolpert
(C) Ayesha Jalal
(D) K.K. Aziz

60. Which one of the following women participated in all the three Round Table Conferences
(A) Begum Jahanara Shahnawaz ✓
(B) Begum SalmaTassaduq Hussain
(C) Begum Shaista Ikramullah
(D) Begum Qazi Issa

61. Prince Dara Shikoh was executed by Ns brother, Emperor Aurangzeb- Dara Shikoh was a disciple of
(A) Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai
(B) Hazrat Mian Mir ✓
(C) Shah Waiiuilah Muhaddith Dehlavi
(D) Guru Har Rai

62. The Mughal Emperor Akbar was bom in which city of present day Pakistan
(A) Lahore
(B) Umar Kot ✓
(C) Multan
(D) Bhera

63. Dr. Abdul Salam was awarded the Nobel Prize in
(A) 1969
(B) 1975
(C) 1979 ✓
(D) 1980

64. The Indian War of Independence began May 1857 in
(A) Jhansi
(B) Gwaliar
(C) Meerut ✓
(D) Lucknow

65. Who first used the title “Mahatma” for Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
(A) Jawaharlal Nehru
(B) Abdul Kalam Azad
(C) Rabindranath Tagore ✓
(D) None of these

66. Gandhi called the Pakistan Resolution of 1940 a
(A) Civil wrong
(B) Criminal wrong
(C) Moral wrong ✓
(D) Monumental wrong

67. In Pakistan, in absence of the Chief Minister his functions are performed by the
(A) Governor of the Province
(B) Speaker of Provincial Assembly
(C) Senior Minister of the Province ✓
(D) Advocate General

68. The headquarter of Economic Cooperation Organization is located in
(A) Islamabad
(B) Ankara
(C) Istanbul
(D) Tehran ✓

69. Which lake of Jammu and Kashmir is fariious for its serene beauty
(A) NeelumLake ✓
(B) WullerLake
(C) Dal Lake
(D) Keenjhar Lake

70. Which is the largest district of Punjab in terms of area
(A) Lahore
(B) Vehari
(C) Bahawalpur ✓
(D) Rawalpindi

71. Bala Hissar Fort is located in
(A) Quetta 1
(B) Rawalpindi
(C) Peshawar ✓
(D) Gilgit

72. Who is the author of the book “Last Days of Quaid
(A) K.K. Aziz
(B) Shamuddin Pirzaada
(C) Col. Elahi Baksh ✓
(D) Gen. Shahid Hamid

73. The first President of Pakistan was
(A) AyubKhan
(B) Liaqat Ali Khan
(C) Iskanar Mirza ✓
(D) Khawaja Nazimuddin

74. Pakistan's membership of the United Nations was opposed by
(A) Israel
(B) India
(C) Afghanistan ✓
(D) None of these

75. Sun rises in the East and sets in the west due to the
(A) Shape of the Earth
(B) Rotation of Earth on its axis ✓
(C) Revolution of Earth around Sun
(D) Movement of the Sun

76. ‘The Last Supper” is the famous painting of
(A) Michelangelo
(B) Rembrandt
(C) Leonardo da Vinci ✓
(D) Vincent Van Gogh

77. The first Woman Prime Minister in the world was
(A) Margret Thatcher
(B) Golda Meir
(C) Indira Gandhi
(D) Srimavo Bandaranaike ✓

78. The famous book “Brief History of Time’ was written by
(A) Samuel Huntington
(B) H.G. Wells
(C) Stephen Hawkings ✓
(D) Arthur C. Clarke

79. How many official languages are used in the OIC
(A) 3 ✓
(B) 2
(C) 4
(D) 5

80. D-8 is an organization of
(A) Industrialized countries
(B) Developing countries ✓
(C) East-Asian Countries
(D) African countries

81. The currency of Indonesia is
(A) Rupiah ✓
(B) Dinar
(C) Ringgit
(D) Baht

82. Which is the capital of Canada
(A) Toronto
(B) Ottawa ✓
(C) Vancouver
(D) Manitoba

83. AFP is the news agency of which country
(A) Panama
(B) France ✓
(C) Argentina
(D) Australia

84. The first human heart transplant was conducted by Dr. Christiaan Barnard in
(B) France
(C) Cuba
(D) South Africa ✓

85. When did Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah join the Muslim League
(A) 1939 ✓
(B) 1927
(C) 1947
(D) 1949

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