General Knowledge MCQs - 25

241. The Mediterranean regions are characterized by heavy rain in .
(a) Winter-
(b) Summer
(c) Spring
(d) Autumn

242. Planetary winds are those which .
(a) Change their direction with the change of season
(b) Change their direction with day and night
(c) Never change their direction-
(d) Blow up mountain slopes

243. Which of the following is an igneous rock?
(a) Shale
(b) Quartzite
(c) Marble
(d) Granite-

244. Which of the following is an example of sedimentary rock?
(a) Marble
(b) Slate
(c) Limestone-
(d) None of these

245. To which kind of rock does marble belong?
(a) Metamorphic-
(b) Sedimentary
(c) Plutonic
(d) Volcanic

246. Which of the following types of forests account for most of the total forest area in the world?
(a) Deciduous
(b) Littoral
(c) Broad-leaved-
(d) Conferous

247. In which type of climate are coniferous forests found?
(a) Savanna
(b) Mediterranean
(c) Siberian-
(d) Hot desert

248. Which of the following is the icy continent?
(a) Greenland
(b) Antarctica-
(c) Australia
(d) None of these

249. The length of the Suez canal is approximately
(a) 110 km
(b) 150 km
(c) 160 km-
(d) 125 km

250. Which of the following is an example of seasonal winds?
(a) Thunderstorms
(b) Monsoon-
(c) Cyclones
(d) Anticyclones

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