Scientific Reasons From Past Papers 14

➽ Bats have poor eyesight but are able to home their prey with great accuracy. Also, dolphins can avoid fishing nets and can detect fish at night. Explain
Answer: Bats emit high frequency (1, 20,000 Hz) sound waves and listen with their sensitive ears for any echoes. From the time taken to hear the echo and from the nature of sound received. Bats are able to estimate the distance and the type of surroundings. This process is known as echolocation. Same process is used by the dolphins.

➽ When low flying aircraft passes overhead, we sometimes notice a slight disturbance on our TV screen. Why is it so?
Answer: a low flying aircraft reflects TV signal. Due to the interference between the direct signal and the reflected signal, there is disturbance on the TV screen.

➽ In automobiles, why are convex mirrors used to see the traffic from behind?
Answer: Convex mirrors are used in automobiles because they form erect and diminished images of the object. Thus, it helps the drivers to get a wider field of view of the traffic coming from behind.

➽ Why is mirage formes in the deserts?
Answer: A mirage is formed owing to total internal reflection. To the observer at a distance, the reflected image of the object appears behind the reflecting surface, as if the object were in front of it, but actually it is just an illusion.

➽ What will be the colour of grass in blue light?
Answer: Grass will appear blackish in colour in blue light because it has the property of absorbing all other colours except its own colour. The blue rays falling on grass will be absorbed by it, and it will appear dark coloured.

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