Scientific Reasons From Past Papers 6

➽ The image of a tree is inverted on the bank of a lake.
Answer: The water of lake acts as a mirror. According to the laws of light, mirror forms inverted images.

➽ Polar star is always seen in the north.
Answer: It is because the Polar Star (North Star) is closest to the location of the celestial North Pole.

➽ We never see birds urinating.
Answer: The birds do not have a urinary system like other living beings which possess urinary excretory organs. In the birds the urine is excreted from body without special organs.

➽ Pasteurized milk has more nourishment than the ordinary boiled milk.
Answer: Pasteurized milk is obtained by heating milk at a temperature of 60 degree Celsius for 30 minutes. In this way the TB bacteria are killed without damaging the milk protein. Thus pasteurized milk has more nourishment than ordinary boiled milk.

➽ Bees die when they sting human being.
Answer: Their stingers are actually ovipositors, tubular structures extending from the abdomen that sometimes contain eggs. When the barbed stinger is left inside the victim, the honeybee mortally tears her abdomen in the process. They leave their stingers in the wound with a tiny venom sac attached. Fortunately, only about one out of a hundred people are allergic to bee sting, but allergic reactions can be very serious.

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