Oceans and Seas General Knowledge MCQs 4

What is the area covered by South China sea?
(a) 29,74,600 Sq. Km-✔️
(b) 21,15,215 Sq. Km
(c) 26,18,915 Sq. Km
(d) 27,19,315 Sq. Km

Which is the deepest sea of the world?
(a) Caribbean sea-✔️
(b) Mediterranean sea
(c) Baltic sea
(d) Andaman sea

Area wise which is the second biggest sea of the world
(a) Red sea
(b) Caribbean sea-✔️
(c) Baltic sea
(d) Black sea

Which is the shallowest sea of the world?
(a) North Sea
(b) Hudson Bay
(c) Gulf of St. Lawrence-✔️
(d) Red Sea

Which sea on earth has no beaches?
(a) Sargasso Sea-✔️
(b) Red sea
(c) Baltic sea
(d) South Chuan sea

The Barents sea is the prt of which ocean?
(a) Atlantic ocean
(b) Arctic ocean-✔️
(c) Pacific ocean
(d) Indian ocean

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