Scientific Reasons From Past Papers 11

➽ Why are the kangaroos called marsupials?
Answer: Marsupial means broad-pouch. Since kangaroos have a pouch-like fold of skin near the stomach in which they carry their young ones, they are called marsupials.

➽ Why is platypus considered a strange animal?
Answer: Platypus is a strange animal because it is an animal-bird that survives under water, walks on the ground and digs tunnel under the ground. It is a four-legged animal that lays eggs like a bird. It is found in Australia.

➽ Why is a person in moving vehicle thrown forward when the vehicle stops suddenly?
Answer: A person in a moving vehicle is in a state of motion. When the vehicle suddenly stops his body tends to remain in a state of motion due to inertia and he is thrown forward.

➽ Earth is continuously pulling moon towards its centre. Why does not the moon fall on to the earth?
Answer: it is so because the gravitational attraction of the earth provides the necessary centripetal force to the moon for its orbital motion around the earth due to which the moon is revolving around the earth.

➽ Which of the two-glass or rubber is more elastic and why? )
Answer: Glass is more elastic than rubber because for a given applied force per unit area, the strain
produced in glass is much more than that produced in rubber.

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