Rivers of the World General Knowledge MCQs 6

Which is the shortest river of the world?
(a) Mekong
(b) Lena
(c) Congo
(d) Roe River-✔ ️

Which is the shortest river in the world with a total length of 98 km.
(a) Amur (Siberia)
(b) Reo (Montana)-✔ ️
(c) Danube (Slovakia)
(d) Congo (Zaire)

River Nile originates from
(a) Lake Nyasa
(b) Cherangany mountains
(c) Lake Victoria-✔ ️
(d) Springs in Kenya

Which river originates from Tibet near Mansorawar lake?
(a) Sutluj
(b) Indus-✔ ️
(c) Ravi
(d) Jhelum

Which is the only river that flows both north and south of equator?
(a) Amazon
(b) Congo-✔ ️
(c) Colorado
(d) Tigris

In which country the largest river by volume rises?
(a) Panama
(b) North America
(c) Eequator
(d) Peru-✔ ️

On which lake Lake Victoria is located?
(a) Zambazi-✔ ️
(b) Amazon
(c) Congo
(d) Hudson

Indus river pours into
(a) Aral Sea
(b) Mediterrean Sea
(c) Arabian Sea-✔ ️
(d) Baltic Sea

Which river is mentioned most in bible?
(a) Tigris
(b) Euraphetes
(c) Jordan-✔ ️
(d) Nile

Word Tsunami is of ____ language?
(a) British
(b) US
(c) Japani-✔ ️
(d) China

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