Scientific Reasons From Past Papers 10

➽ Why does the temperature above the ocean and land masses vary even on the same latitude?
Answer: Temperature above the oceans and land masses varies even on the same latitude because of the differential heating of land and water, i.e., land mass is heated and cooled more rapidly and to a greater degree than water.

➽ Why are marine animals able to live at great depths than marine plants?
Answer: As marine animals do not depend upon sunlight for their survival, they are able to live at great depths where there is permanent darkness.

➽ Why do trees of coniferous forests possess needle-like leaves?
Answer: The needle-like leaves limit transpiration and thus enable conifers to grow in the drier areas.

➽ Why do equatorial forests appear evergreen?
Answer: In equatorial forests trees often shed a few leaves or shed their leaves seasonally, but most of the trees retain their leaves for most of the time so that the forests appear evergreen.

➽ Why is petroleum often called black gold?
Answer: Petroleum is often called black gold because of its great demand in the modern industry and for domestic use. It provides fuel for heat and lighting, lubricant for machinery and raw material for a number of industries.

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