Rivers of the World General Knowledge MCQs 2

Which of the following rivers crosses the Equator twice? (RMS 2006)
(a) Amazon
(b) Congo-✔ ️
(c) Nile
(d) Tigris

Which of the following rivers flowing through Pakistan has source of origin in that country itself?
(a) Chenab
(b) Jhelum
(c) Ravi
(d) None of the above-✔ ️

Which river is called father of waters?
(a) Indus-✔ ️
(b) Amazon
(c) Congo
(d) Hudson

On the bank of which river is New York situated?
(a) River Colorado
(b) River Hudson-✔ ️
(c) River Mississippi
(d) River Amazon

Nice is the name of a *—~——
(a) River-✔ ️
(b) Country
(c) Lake
(d) None of these

River skeena flows through — ,
(a) Asia
(b) Australia
(c) North America-✔ ️
(d) South America

Rome, the capital of Italy is located beside the river — —.
(a) Danube
(b) Rhine
(c) Tiber-✔ ️
(d) Po

River Darling flows through ——.
(a) Africa
(b) Australia-✔ ️
(c) South America
(d) Asia

Red river is present in ———.
(a) USA-✔ ️
(b) Canada
(c) UK Mexico

Which is the second longest river of Europe continent?
(a) Danube-✔ ️
(b) Volga
(c) Seine
(d) Thames

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