Scientific Reasons From Past Papers 7

➽ Cloudy nights are usually warmer than the clear ones.
Answer: The clouds serve as a barrier and prevent the loss of heat. Thus the warm temperature is maintained.

➽ Why do some people snore?
Answer: Some people snore during their sleep because the breathing action produces sound. This is so because the pharynx or the windpipe offers resistance to the air taken in or expelled.

➽ Why do we sometimes sleep walk?
Answer: Sleep walk is a sort of disorder of sleep in which a person starts walking during his sleep. The sleeper walks and performs complex activities automatically without regaining consciousness.

➽ Climbers bend forward while climbing mountain.
Answer: While climbing a mountain, a climber bends his body forward in order to keep the centre of gravity of his body within two thirds portion. According to this principle the Pisa Tower is not falling.

➽ Why climbers get their food by climbing on other trees?
Answer: The climbers are mostly parasites and they cannot manufacture their food. Therefore, they climb on other trees and get food from them.

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