Water Resources of Pakistan MCQs 12

Islam Barrage is on:
(a) River Ravi
(b) River Jhelum
(c) River Sutlej-✔️
(d) River Chenab

Which of the following is the smallest of the five main eastern tributaries of the Indus?
(a) The Ravi-✔️
(b) The Sutlej
(c) The Jhelum
(d) The Chenab

Rasul Barrage is on:
(a) River Chenab
(b) River Jhelum-✔️
(c) River Indus
(d) River Ravi

After passing through Gurdaspur district, the Ravi enters Sialkot’s tehsil:
(a) Shakargarh-✔️
(b) Daska
(c) Pasrur
(d) None of the above

Pollution in the Ravi is the highest compared to all the rivers in Pakistan. What percentage of total pollution (muncipal and industrial) is only discharged into the Ravi?
(a) 37%
(b) 47%-✔️
(c) 57%
(d) 67%

Which of the following rivers flows through Dal Lake and Wullar Lake?
(a) The Chenab
(b) The Sutlej
(c) TheJhelum-✔️
(d) The Ravi

Near Muzaffarabad, the Jhelum is joined hy its largest tributary:
(a) The Kunhar
(b) The Ujh
(c) The Soan
(d) The Neelum-✔️

The retention level of Kalabagh dam was 925 feet, which has been reduced by:
(a) 5 feet
(b) 10 feet-✔️
(c) 15 feet
(d) 25 feet

The Kalabagh reservoir at a 915 feet elevation would pose no flood risk to Nowshera which is located at an elevation of:
(a) 923 feet
(b) 928 feet
(c) 933 feet
(d) 938 feet-✔️

The Pakistani government first undertook engineering investigations for Kalabagh dam during
(a) 1953-1954-✔️
(b) 1963-1964
(c) 1973-1974
(d) 1983-1984

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