Rivers of the World General Knowledge One Liner MCQs 4

  • In which country would you find Lake Disappointment Australia
  • The Amazon river dolphins are what colour-Pink
  • Which of the following rivers rises in lake Lan-Ka Tso in Tibet? Sutlej
  • Volga river pours its water into Caspian Sea it is longest river of Europe.
  • Don is a river of Russia.
  • Lake Erie (N.America) is most polluted lake in the world.
  • Lake Mead on the Arizona-Nevada is largest man-made lake in USA.
  • Baikal Lake is in Siberian desert.
  • Palk Bay lies b/w Gulf of Mannar and Bay of Bengal.
  • Panama Canal connects Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean.
  • 3-Gorges Dam is in .. China 
  • Indus originates from Tibet near Mansorowar Lake.
  • The Victoria Falls in Africa is located on river Zambezi. It is the highest fall of Africa.
  • Mt Merapi is located on Java.
  • What is the longest river in Australia-Murray-Darling
  • Gulf Stream is an ocean current named after the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The panch Pokhri Lake situated in the Himalaya Mountains is the highest lake in the world.
  • Aswan dam is in Egypt.
  • Word Tsunami is of Japanese language.
  • Largest coral reef is in Australia.
  • Colorado River forms Grand Canyon.
  • River Rhine is in Western Europe.
  • The Victoria Falls is located in Zimbabwe.
  • Highest fall of world Angel Falls is on river Carrao Venezuela.
  • Niagara fall is in North America b/w America & Canada.
  • Ribbon fall is in North America.
  • Silver Strand fall is in North America.
  • Grand Canal is located in People’s Republic of china. 
  • After Australia, Europe is the smallest continent.

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