Water Resources of Pakistan MCQs 2

River Kabul joins the Indus river at:
(a) Mohmand Agency
(b) Attock-✔️
(c) Peshawar
(d) Gilgit

River Kabul originate from north eastern Afghanistan, its length is:
(a) 480 km
(b) 550 km
(c) 580 km-✔️
(d) 705 km

The total storage capacity of different water reservoirs in Pakistan is around:
(a) 17.1 MAF-✔️
(b) 22.2 MAF
(c) 34.5 MAF
(d) 39.1 MAF

Tarbela Dam was constructed in 1976 on:
(a) Indus river-✔️
(b) Jhelum river
(c) Chenab river
(d) Kabul river

The total storage capacity of Tarbela Dam under normal climatic conditions is:
(a) 7.5 MAF
(b) 8.3 MAF
(c) 9.7 MAF
(d) 11.6 MAF-

The main purpose for constructing of Tarbela Dam was:
(a) Irrigation
(b) Hydropower generating
(c) Both the above-
(d) None of the above

The world's twelfth largest earthfill dam is:
(a) Salal Dam (Jammu & Kashmir)
(b) Aswan Dam (Egypt)
(c) Mangla Dam (Pakistan)-
(d) None of the above

Mangla Dam was constructed on river Jhelum in:
(a) 1960
(b) 1962
(c) 1966-
(d) 1969

The gross water storage capacity of Mangla Dam is:
(a) 5.88 MAF-
(b) 4.77 MAF
(c) 3.55 MAF
(d) 2.66 MAF

Hydropower generating capacity of Mangla Dam is:
(a) 200 MW
(b) 500 MW
(c) 700 MW
(d) 1000 MW-

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