Rivers of the World General Knowledge One Liner MCQs 2

  • An iceberg floating in sea will have one-tenth of its mass above the surface of water.
  • Jog Falls are the highest waterfalls in India.
  • Which river is in Lebanon? River Latani
  • Highest salinity is found in the Great Salt Lake in USA.
  • Niagara Falls was discovered by Louis Hennepin
  • Madagascar is popularly known as the Island of Cloves
  • Niagara Falls was discovered by Louis Hennepin
  • River Darling is in Australia.
  • Gateway of Pacific is Panama Canal.
  • Panama Canal links Pacific Ocean with Atlantic Ocean.
  • Panama Canal was opened in 1914.
  • Panama Canal links North America with South America.
  • Amazon River crosses Equator twice.
  • The Amazon river rises in which country-Peru
  • Amazon River is largest river in terms of volume. It is in Brazil. It pours into Atlantic Ocean.
  • The longest and largest river in Asia is Yangtze. 
  • The largest river in China is The Yangtze River.
  • The Soan and the Haro are the two rivers of Potohar Plateau.
  • Aswan dam is constructed on river Nile.
  • World’s largest earth filled dam is Tarbela.
  • Voctoria falls are on the border b/w Zimbabwe & South Africa.
  • Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in world extending from Peru to Bolivia.
  • Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. It is located in Siberia.
  • Indus River pours into Arabian Sea.
  • After Indus, the longest river is Sutlaj in Pakistan.
  • The longest river in South Asia is the Brahmputra.
  • Nile River pours its water into Mediterranean Sea.
  • Don River pours its water into Sea of Azov.
  • Tigris River pours its water into Caspian Sea.
  • Lake Mead is a man-made largest lake in the world.

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