Oceans and Seas General Knwoledge MCQs 1

Oceans and Seas General Knowledge MCQs 1
Which is the largest sea in the world?
(a) South China Sea-✔️
(b) Mediterranean Sea
(c) Black Sea
(d) Red Sea

The deepest point in the ocean is ———.
(a)  Mariana trench (Chalfanger deep)-✔️
(b) Galathea deep
(c) Bartholoew deep
(d) Mindanao deep

Which is the deepest ocean in the world?
(a) Arctic
(b) Atlantic
(c) Pacific-✔️
(d) Indian

Which is the saltiest sea of the world?
(a) Mediterranean sea-✔️
(b) Black sea
(c) Caribbean sea
 (d) Baltic sea

The greatest depth of water surface is about 10,900 metres a! Mariana trench. It is located in the ——.
(a) Atlantic Ocean
(b) Pacific Ocean-✔️
(c) Indian Ocean
(d) Antarctica Ocean

Which of the following is an Ocean Current?
(a) West wind
(b) Gulf stream
(c) Both of these-✔️
(d) None of these

Of the total water on the earth, fresh water reserves constitute approximately ——.
(a) 1.2%
(b) 2.7%-✔️
(c) 4.5%
(d) 5.8%

Which of the following ocean currents is popularly known as “Warm Blanket of Europe”?
(a) Beneguela Current
(b) Canaries Current
(c) Gulf Stream-✔️
(d) West wind drift

In which one of the following oceans, the ocean currents do not move regularly in one particular direction?
(a) Arctic Ocean
(b) Indian Ocean-✔️
(c) Atlantic Ocean
(d) Pacific Ocean

Which of the following islands is located in the Caribbean Sea?
(a) Sardinia
(b) Jamaica-✔️
(c) Sumatra
(d) Tahiti

Oceans and Seas General Knowledge MCQs 2

Ocean currents are caused by ———.
(a) Westerlies
(b) Periodic winds
(c) Permanent winds-✔️
(d) Monsoon winds

Consider the following countries:
Which of these border (s) the Sea?
(a) 1 only
(b) 1 and 2-✔️
(c) 2 and 3
(d) 1,2 and 3

A ship met with an accident at 30°E and 35°N. The ship was sailing the:
(a) Baltic Sea
(b) Black Sea
(c) Mediterranean Sea-✔️
(d) Red Sea

Which of the following sea is located in Central Asia?
(a) Red sea
(b) China sea
(c) Japan sea
(d) Aral sea-✔️

Which of the following Oceans is called “father of oceans”----------?
(a) Indian Ocean
(b) Atlantic Ocean
(c) Pacific Ocean-✔️
(d) None of these

Which of the following Oceans was called “Bahr-e-Zulamat” by Allama Iqbal?
(a) Indian Ocean
(b) Atlantic Ocean-✔️
(c) Pacific Ocean
(d) Arabic Ocean

What is the average depth of all oceans?
(a) 3735 metres
(b) 4437 metres
(c) 3530 metres-✔️
(d) 6135 metres

Which of the following oceans covers about one third of the surface earth?
(a) Pacific Ocean-✔️
(b) Atlantic Ocean
(c) Indian Ocean
(d) Adriatic Ocean

Which is the smallest ocean of the world?
(a) Indian Ocean
(b) Arctic Ocean-✔️
(c) Pacific Ocean
(d) Atlantic Ocean

Which is the second largest ocean of the world?
(a) Atlantic Ocean-✔️
(b) Pacific Ocean
(c) Indian Ocean
(d) None of these

What is the average depth of Pacific Ocean?
(a) 4280 metres-✔️
(b) 3635 metres
(c) 3437 metres
(d) None of these

What is the average depth of Arctic Ocean?
(a) 1716 metres
(b) 1205 metres-✔️
(c) 1450 metres
(d) None of these

What is the average depth of Atlantic Ocean?
(a) 3590 metres
(b) 3670 metres
(c) 3926 metres-✔️
(d) None of these

What is the average depth of Indian Ocean?
(a) 3015 metres
(b) 3430 metres
(c) 3715 metres
(d) 3963 metres-✔️

Which of the following sea separates Asia from Africa?
(a) Arabic Sea
(b) Yellow Sea
(c) Red Sea-✔️
(d) None of these

What is the total Area of Pacific Ocean?
(a) 155557,000 sq. km-✔️
(b) 199116,000 sq. km
(c) 176677,000 sq, km
(d) None of these

Which is the smallest sea of the world?
(a) Black Sea
(b) Red Sea
(c) Baltic Sea-✔️
(d) South China Sea

Red Sea is situated in the Ocean?
(a) Pacific Ocean
(b) Indian Ocean-✔️
(c) Atlantic Ocean
(d) Arctic Ocean

Caspian Sea, Dead Sea and Aral Sea are actually -——.
(a) Lakes-✔️
(b) Rivers
(c) Part of Oceans
(d) Artificial Seas

Sumatra Island is situated in ———.
(a) Pacific Ocean
(b) Indian Ocean-✔️
(c) Atlantic Ocean
(d) Arabian Sea

What is the area covered by South China sea?
(a) 29,74,600 Sq. Km-✔️
(b) 21,15,215 Sq. Km
(c) 26,18,915 Sq. Km
(d) 27,19,315 Sq. Km

Which is the deepest sea of the world?
(a) Caribbean sea-✔️
(b) Mediterranean sea
(c) Baltic sea
(d) Andaman sea

Area wise which is the second biggest sea of the world
(a) Red sea
(b) Caribbean sea-✔️
(c) Baltic sea
(d) Black sea

Which is the shallowest sea of the world?
(a) North Sea
(b) Hudson Bay
(c) Gulf of St. Lawrence-✔️
(d) Red Sea

Which sea on earth has no beaches?
(a) Sargasso Sea-✔️
(b) Red sea
(c) Baltic sea
(d) South Chuan sea

The Barents sea is the prt of which ocean?
(a) Atlantic ocean
(b) Arctic ocean-✔️
(c) Pacific ocean
(d) Indian ocean

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