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General Knowledge MCQs - 33

321. Which of the following pairs are wrong?
(a) Iron: Russia
(b) Mica: Japan-
(c) Coal: USA
(d) Aluminium: USA

322. Seasonal contrast in temperature are minimum in the equatorial region because:
(a) Sky is always overcast
(b) Sun is almost vertically overhead throughout the year-
(c) Forests prevent sunlight from reaching the ground
(d) Rainfall cool the atmosphere

323. Which one of the following ecosystems covers the largest area of the earth’s surface?
(a) Desert Ecosystem
(b) Grassland Ecosystem
(c) Mountain Ecosystem
(d) Marine Ecosystem-

324. What happens to tropical soils when the ram forest is cleared?
(a) The soil improves to the extent that soluble nutrients are no longer depleted by the trees
(b) There is little effect on the soil because of its depth of richness
(c) Clearing interrupts the critical nutrient cycle and leads to soil leaching-
(d) The soils stabilise and become excellent for grain

325. The factors which determine the climate of a place are:
(a) Soil
(b) Soil and Latitude
(c) Latitude and Altitude-
(d) Vegetation

326. Deciduous trees are those:
(a) That grow up straight
(b) That grow plenty in dry places
(c) That never bear fruits
(d) That shed their leaves during a certain season-

327. Black Forest is the name of mountain present in ————.
(a) Canada
(b) USA
(c) Russia
(d) Germany-

328. Which of the following regions gets no rainfall throughout the year?
(a) The Equatorial Region
(b) The Tundra Region-
(c) The Himalayan Region
(d) The Mediterranean Region

329. Where was the world’s first oil-well drilled in the nineteenth century?
(a) Baku in Russia
(b) Titusfills in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.-
(c) Digboi in Assam, India
(d) Dhahran in Saudi Arabia

330. Venice in Italy and Vienna in Austria are famous for .
(a) Pottery
(b) Glass industry-
(C) Chemical industry
(d) Textile industry

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