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General Knowledge MCQs - 38

371. Atmospheric pressure at sea level is
(a) 750 mm
(b) 760 mm-
(c) 770 mm
(d) None of these

372. The number of Central Asian Republics (CARs) is____.
(a) Five-
(b) Four
(c) Ten
(d) Eight

373. Which types of forest are found in the areas where the rainfall is between1 "80 degree to 120 degrees?
(a) Coniferous forest
(b) Seasonal forests
(c) Evergreen forests
(d) Littoral forest-

374. Truck farming is a .
(a) Inaland fishing
(b) Lumbering
(c) Truck manufacturing
(d) Vegetable growing-

375. Dogger Bank in Pacific Ocean is famous for
(a) Fishing ground-
(b) Forest
(c) Coast
(d) Tourism

376. Ruhr coal field is situated in — —.
(a) Brazil
(b) Germany-
(c) Indonesia
(d) South Africa

377. India is the world’s largest producer of
(a) Iron ore
(b) Coal
(c) Mica-
(d) Coppeer

378. The concept of heartland was given by
(a) Hanshofer
(b) Mackinder-
(c) Ratzel
(d) None of these

379. The first irrigated forest in Pakistan Chhanga Manga was established in —.
(a) 1866-
(b) 1890
(c) 1892
(d) 1896

380. Lakhra coal field is located in .
(a) North of Hyderabad-
(b) South of Hyderabad
(c) East of Hyderabad
(d) West of Hyderabad

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