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General Knowledge MCQs - 41

401. Which continent has no desert?
(a) Europe-
(b) Australia
(c) Africa
(d) South America

402. Territoril waters traditionally extends for how many kilomiters from the coast line of a country?
(a) 35 km
(b) 28 km
(c) 19 km-
(d) 46 km

403. State executive economic sone extend for how many kilometers from coast line of a country?
(a) 19 km-
(b) 28 km
(c) 46 km
(d) 35 km

404. What is the length of English Channel?
(a) 625 km
(b) 610 km
(c) 564 km-
(d) 550 km

405. Which is the longest commercial ocean of the world?
(a) Pacific
(b) Arctic
(c) Indian
(d) Atlantic-

406. Mediterrian Sea means
(a) Sea in the middle of earth.
(b) Sea in the middle of oceans.
(c) Sea in the middle of land-
(d) Sea surrounded by islands.

407. Why Black sea is so called?
(a) Water appears to be black from air.
(b) Visibility in the water is almost nil.
(c) It has black rocks
(d) A dense fog prevails there in winter-

408. Seine river is in
(a) Germany
(b) England
(c) France-
(d) Switzerland

409. Hang He river is in
(a) China-
(b) Jawain
(c) Vietnam
(d) Jheland

410. Asia Minor is a geographical expression, a part to
(a) Turkey-
(b) Russia
(c) Uzbekistan
(d) Afghanistan

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