10 Questions with ROSHAN LAL WADWANI (FSP)

10 Questions with ROSHAN LAL WADWANI (FSP)

Candidly, Jahangir's World Times (JWT) worked as a mentor for me as it has been a constant source of knowledge. It provided me with all the required information about the CSS and its preparation.

Jahangir's World Times (JWT): First of all, tell us about your education?
Roshan Wadwani (RW): Basically, I hail from Sindh province. In fact, I had braved numerous hardships as the region I belong to is extremely backward in terms of education facilities and guidance as it lacks good institutions. Actually, being a victim of polio, I could not attend school. My parents had to arrange a home-teacher to start my studies. Later, my family had to shift to India where I got educated for nearly two years. This was a real turning point in my life because thenceforth my devotion to studies further strengthened. When we moved back to Pakistan, I continued my studies and did my matriculation in “A” grade from a Government High School Jarwar, district Ghotki.

After, I earned my master's degree in English from Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, I started teaching at a private school. Teaching really helped me in discovering my potentials, developing confidence and enhancing my capabilities.

JWT: When you were growing up, what was your dream career? Was being a CSP always your aim?
RW: Joining the Civil Services has never been my aim. It might be surprising for you that till 2005, I didn't have much knowledge about CSS. I always wanted to be a doctor but, unfortunately, my disability frustrated my dreams. Nevertheless, I did not lose hope and my resolve to prove my potential always encouraged to go on with my studies.

JWT: What made you go for the CSS?
RW: What made me aspire to be a CSP was a passion for social work. Philanthropy has been at the core of my heart. Furthermore, Civil Service guarantees a prestigious career as there is a wider circle of influence as you become a part of policy making circles.

JWT: What, in your opinion, is the reason that we do not see a substantial representation of minorities, especially Hindus, in Civil Service of Pakistan. And, what inspired you to join it?

RW: I think, it's due to lack of sufficient awareness of Civil Service. Although, I had qualified yet fewer people in my town really know what, after all, Civil Service is. However, awareness is increasing and more and more candidates from Hindu Community are taking CSS exams.

JWT: Polio has scarred the image of Pakistan in the world. Although you yourself are a polio victim yet your successes are definitely phenomenal. How you can portray the positive image of our country?

RW: Polio is, of course, a serious challenge for Pakistan. Actually, there is a little awareness among common people about the rights of the disabled and facilities to be provided to them. I myself had to face a lot of problems to reach this stage. I believe Pakistan is a country abounding in opportunities because I, myself, have become a part of this prestigious fraternity without any political backing or influence.
Foreign Service of Pakistan — my first choice in the occupational groups — is the right platform to present a positive image of Pakistan as through this, I can represent Pakistan all over the world.

JWT: Impressed by your endeavours, if some readers decide to go for CSS, then what advice would you give them? And, how do you see Jahangir's World Times (JWT) as far as guidance for CSS-exam is concerned?

RW: I would exhort readers and new aspirants to believe in hard work. Always keep in mind that there is no substitute to hard work. When hopes are high and eyes are towards target then nothing is impossible, that is what I have learnt from my life and, of course, personal experiences.
Candidly, Jahangir's World Times (JWT) worked as a mentor for me as it has been a constant source of knowledge when I couldn't join any academy during the preparation for written part as well as for interviews. It was JWT that provided me with all the required information about the CSS and its preparation. All its articles are very informative and thought-provoking. I would strongly recommend the new aspirants to consult JWT while preparing for the CSS.

JWT: How one can make a difference in written part?
RW: One can make a real difference through vast reading and by developing one's analytical skills. Elements like coherence, clarity of ideas and logical arguments must be kept in mind while answering the question. Strong introductory and concluding paragraphs also prove really helpful.

JWT: How did you manage to get through Essay and Précis & Composition papers? Although these two are the most crucial papers, yet you fetched good marks especially in Composition paper?

RW: I drew up a simple strategy; write, write and write. I used to write and practice complete essays and it helped me a lot in developing writing skills and rectifying any mistakes. This ultimately paid off and I got excellent marks in Composition paper. Students usually shun practicing essay or précis which is not the right approach. The more you write, the more you know about your weaknesses and the more you sharpen your writing and analytical skills. As regards English composition paper, one should work on the basic syntax, enrichment of vocabulary, and above all, one should always work more and more on précis, comprehension and expansion of ideas.

JWT: How one can adopt a balanced approach to equally focus compulsory and optional subjects?
RW: Generally, the aspirants choose optional subjects while keeping in mind the scoring trend. This factor should be considered but the thing that really matters is one's interest in a particular subject. So don't follow the popular trend and just follow your heart. During preparation equal importance and time should be allotted for both compulsory and optional subjects. Consult one or two good books on each subject and prepare your own notes.

JWT: Would you like to give any message to our readers especially those from minority communities?
RW: I urge the youth especially belonging to minorities to take CSS exam and to succeed, you must first believe YOU CAN!

Source: Jahangir's World Times

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