CSS Past Papers of Solved Pair of Words English (Précis and Composition) 2012

English (Précis and Composition) 2012

Meaning: a city which is the centre of government of a country or smaller political area
Use in sentence: Australia's capital city is Canberra.

Meaning: the building in which a state legislature meets
Use in sentence: A state legislature will meet in a capitol building.

Meaning: an examination or testing
Use in sentence: A positive result has been obtained in a mouse lymphoma assay.

Meaning: attempt/ a short piece of writing on a particular subject
Use in sentence: The Diploma is assessed by three essays of 3,000 words each.

Meaning: to cover or surround something completely
Use in sentence: The graveyard looked ghostly, enveloped in mist.

Meaning: a flat, usually square or rectangular, paper container for a letter
Use in sentence: A stamped, addressed envelope should be enclosed for reply.

Meaning: an official statement that something must happen
Use in sentence: More than 200 people were freed by military decree.

Meaning: amount or level of something
Use in sentence: This job demands a high degree of skill.

Meaning: describes a place that is empty and not attractive
Use in sentence: The house stood in a bleak and desolate landscape.

Meaning: immoral
Use in sentence: He led a dissolute life.

Meaning: a set of animals or plants in which the members have similar characteristics to each other
Use in sentence: Over a hundred species of insect are found in this area.

Meaning: Coined money
Use in sentence: The next insinuation is that the Bank has refused specie payments.

Meaning: not direct or simple
Use in sentence: He took a tortuous route through back streets.

Meaning: causing torture
Use in sentence: It was torturous to think that he could have stopped the boy from running into the road.

Meaning: covered in water or another liquid
Use in sentence: My bike got wet in the rain.

Meaning: to increase someone's interest in and wish for something
Use in sentence: I've read an excerpt of the book on the web and it's whetted my appetite.

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