CSS Past Papers of Solved Pair of Words English (Précis and Composition) 1975

CSS Past Papers of Solved Pair of Words English (Précis and Composition) 1975

English (Précis and Composition) 1975
Meaning: describes a person or their behavior that is pleasant and friendly
Use in sentence: So amiable was the mood of the meeting that a decision was soon reached.
Meaning: relating to behavior between people that is pleasant often despite a difficult situation
Use in sentence: His manner was perfectly amicable but I felt uncomfortable.
Meaning: large or of noticeable importance
Use in sentence: The fire caused considerable damage to the church.
Meaning: kind and helpful
Use in sentence: She promises to be quieter and more considerate in future.
Meaning: very clever and skillful
Use in sentence: She was ingenious at finding ways to work more quickly.
Meaning: honest, sincere and trusting/ showing innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness
Use in sentence: It has to be said it was rather ingenuous of him to ask a complete stranger to look after his luggage. (Pair Repeated: 1)
Meaning: lasting for a very short time
Use in sentence: Be careful not to make even momentary short circuits with metal tools.
Meaning: very important because of effects on future events
Use in sentence: Whether or not to move overseas was a momentous decision for the family.
Meaning: having good moral qualities and behavior
Use in sentence: He described them as a virtuous and hard-working people.
Meaning: describes something that can be done or seen using a computer and therefore without going anywhere or talking to anyone
Use in sentence: In tests, we have found the virtual machine runs at a reasonable speed.

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