A Dream Came True" (Dedicated to All CSS Aspirants)

A Dream Came True" (Dedicated to All CSS Aspirants)
Dedicated to All CSS Aspirants

I am writing this post with the name “A Dream Came True”. It’s a brief story of my journey from medical profession to Civil Service of Pakistan.
I got my education from nursery to Fsc from my home town i.e Kamalia. I got scholarship in 5th, 8th and Fsc. I scored the highest marks in 75 years history of my college and got admission in MBBS in Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore. It was a dream for me to be a doctor as it is the most glorified and respected profession. I continued my medical studies and in final year of MBBS, I thought to go for CSS because I wanted to stay in Pakistan and as a doctor it is very hard to survive there.

After passing MBBS in first division, I did my house job in Jinnah Hospital Lahore from 16.5.2009 to 15.5.2010. Due to age factor, I had to appear in CSS 2010 without any preparation, I passed all papers but could manage to get 549 marks only. Islamic history and Journalism proved lethal and I got 70 and 35 marks respectively. In 2010, I was selected in army as a captain doctor. After consultation with my friends, I decided not to join army and decided to go for CSS.

Leaving everything aside, I started my preparation for 2011 from mid of June 2010 in a serious way. I started to study 8 hours a day for 8 months consecutively. Interestingly my all optional subjects i.e Geography, Islamic History, Journalism and Sociology were hit but I took a brave decision and decided to go with the same subjects. My written exam ended on 11.3.2011 and then I joined Shaukat Khanum Cancer Memorial Hospital Lahore in Paediatrics Dept on 18.3.2011 and worked there for 11 months. When my written result was announced, I was on my job. I was completely out of touch from CSS books so in order to prepare well for interview; I took another bold decision and resigned from my job on 6.2.2012 in spite of getting salary in 6 digits.

My sixth sense was whispering that your medical career is going to an end and future lies somewhere else. My interview was on 15.3.2012, I could not sleep well because it was the most important and decisive day of my life, I managed to get up early in the morning, offered Fajar prayer that I often miss, recited Quran, read newspaper and went for my interview that was on 10.30 p.m. Before entering in room, I recited Darood. My interview was very difficult and tricky but everything went v good by the grace of Allah. I was satisfied and decided not to do any job until my result.

Later I went to Karachi to meet my grandmother, aunty, uncle and other relatives. It was a time when Layari operation was underway. I came back to home town three days before my result. I love to spend time with my family when I go to home and hardly use my cell. Finally when result was announced at 6 p.m, my cell was off as usual, by chance I switched on my cell at 10 p.m, there were lot of messages to congratulate me but no one mentioned my merit no. In a meanwhile, I received call from my friend who told that I scored 20th position in Pakistan. At that time, I could easily hear my own palpitations. I offered 2 nafal and said thanks to Almighty on my success. That’s my journey from medical profession to Civil Service of Pakistan and I got my first preference DMG by the grace of Allah.

There were many mistakes and loopholes during my study, subject selection and in other areas that I will mention in my other series of posts. Let me tell one more thing, I never went to any academy in my written preparation of CSS and went only for one day for psychological preparation in one academy in Lahore. I got guideline from Sir Aga Mohsin for English, Sir Abdul Rasheed for Geography, Madam Talat for Psychological Interview and my friend Tahir Rizwan for general guidance in both written and interview


Essay 40 Precis & Composition 54 EDS 70

Islamiat 52 C.A 46 P.A 58

Journalism 53 Sociology 60

Islamic History I 72 76 Geography 69 82

Written Marks 727

Interview Marks 196

Total Marks 923

Overall Merit 20

Allocated Group DMG

Here are some of my loopholes and weaknesses.They might be helpful to you.

1. My selection of subjects was not very good because there was no one to guide me properly. In 2011, Islamic History and Geography was not very high scoring.High scoring means a subject that gives u 150 +.Only a few people managed to get 150 plus in these two subjects.Secondly i managed to get 53 and 60 only in Journalism and Sociology respectively and it is not a good score to stay on top.With my little experience,i suggest that every should opt language i.e persian or arabic and regional languages because these are considered as safe subjects .Let me add one thing,Sindhi has been an average scoring subject from last three years.

2. As a medical student,i was totally out of touch with proper English.I was weak in writing and reading ,poor in vocabulary so English took my ample time.If one is serious about doing CSS, one should read,write and speak English as much as one can.One should develop skills in writing analytically.It is not a big deal.It is only time consuming but practice makes a man perfect.

3. I spent nearly 9 months for preparation of CSS in a serious way.As a candidate from Punjab domicile, it is not sufficient time for those who start prep from zero. One should spend at least 12 to 14 months.

4. Although I never went to any academy for preparation but i think academies are little bit beneficial for those who do not know abc of CSS. They should join academy for few weeks only for little bit know how.Mark my words "No academy is capable of making you a CSP".

5. I did most of my preparation alone but i think one should study in a little group of 2 to 4 very serious CSS aspirants who are competent and devoted to studies otherwise it will be sheer waste of time. Group study means to meet once or twice in a week to discuss what they have studied share material and notes.

6. Read each and everything analytically from day 1 specially current affairs and daily Dawn otherwise in the end,it becomes v difficult to read them analytically.

7. Offer prayers regularly and ask Allah to help you.He is the most magnificent.He is the only One who can fulfill all your needs.

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