How to Prepare for Essay

How to prepare for essay
It is easy to prepare an essay. When you go through the news paper collect the important editorails in the form of cuttings. make in your mind different topics and collect relevent info regarding those topics.
In your free time think about those topics and make in your mind the intro of these topics, the conclusions, motivational phases and own view points. also think about different points which you can disscuss in the body of the essay. If possible make sketch of the complete essay. This practice will help you in getting grip on essay writting. Once you have your mind tuned to such activities then it will not be difficult for you to write an essay on any topic. You can also practice it on a rough page.

While reading different topics in News papers or magazines collect different paras which can make a good start or ending for the essay.
material For essays...
The material for essay needs a vast study and includes your complete background of your education and life long study but one can get through these materials to prepare the best essay...
1. DAWN Newspaper
2. Strategic Studies Digest Quartely Digest(issued by Strategic studies Centre, Islamabad)
3. national Development and Security Quartely Digest(issued by Friends Association Of Mirza Aslam Baig, rawalpindi)
4. economist Magazine.
5. Contemporary Affairs
From the first three one can collect complete essays and all relevent info required. Similarly one can follow the styles of these magazines. One can collect some good sentences, good words and material for introduction as well as Conclusion.
Besides that one needs some relevent and most appropraite quotations. Which one can collect from these books.
The outline or sketch is given before the essay which gives the complete picture of what you will be discussing in the essay.

Example for the Sketch/outline
Let the topic is economy of Pakistan
1. --------- Introduction --------
2. Economy of Pakistan ------ A historic sketch
a. After partition ---- the british indian conspioracy
b. In 50s ------ The political setbacks
c. In 60s ------ The golden era
d. In 70s ------ The dose of nationalisation
d. In 80s ------ The Afghan War and American support
e. In 90s ------ The Dose of sanctions, and habit of loans
f. After 1999 ----- The injection of recovery and the after maths of September the 11th.
3. Economy of Pakistan ----- The problems
a. The Problems ----- Social aspect
b. The Problems ----- Poliotical scenirio
c. The Problems ----- Lack of sound policies investments
d. The Problems ----- Law and order situation
4. Economy of Pakistan ----- Road map to recovery
you can make a sub outline of this topic
5. Economy of Pakistan ---- In the near future
6. Economy of Pakistan ---- Problems with the road map
7. economy of Pakistan ---- What is really needed
Can also make sub outlines of this head
8. ------ Conclusion --------.
I hope this example will help all of you. It is just an example and you people I am sure can make much much better than this.

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