CSS Past Papers of Solved Pair of Words English (Précis and Composition) 1977

CSS Past Papers of Solved Pair of Words English (Précis and Composition) 1977

English (Précis and Composition) 1977
Meaning: a type of table used in ceremonies in a Christian church or in other religious buildings
Use in sentence: A 3rd century Roman pagan altar was also recently found on the site.
Meaning: to change something
Use in sentence: We've had to alter some of our plans.
Meaning: suitable and right for the occasion
Use in sentence: It is, however, apposite to note that this process will continue in the year ahead.
Meaning: completely different
Use in sentence: You'd never know they're sisters - they're completely opposite to each other in every way.
Meaning: to accept, tolerate or endure especially something unpleasant
Use in sentence: It's your decision - you must bear the responsibility if things go wrong.
Meaning: without any clothes or not covered by anything
Use in sentence: Don't walk around outside in your bare feet.
Meaning: Satisfied
Use in sentence: We can't afford to become complacent about any of our products.
Meaning: willing to please; affably agreeable; obliging
Use in sentence: Can we really sit back and watch the suffering of a whole nation and be so complaisant? 
Meaning: having confidence
Use in sentence: Be a bit more confident in yourself!
Meaning: a person you trust and share your feelings and secrets with
Use in sentence: Within a few short years he was a trusted confidant.
Meaning: illness of people, animals, plants, etc.
Use in sentence: Starvation and diseases have killed thousands of refugees.
Meaning: a person's death
Use in sentence: The house will not be yours till after your mother's decease.
Meaning: a part of a fence or outside wall that is fixed at one side and opens and closes like a door
Use in sentence: Take the next right turning through a large iron gate onto a cobbled road.
Meaning: a particular way of walking
Use in sentence: He walked with a slow stiff gait.
Meaning: involving a court of law
Use in sentence: The defense team will seek a judicial review of the sentence.
Meaning: having or showing reason and good judgment in making decisions
Use in sentence: We should make judicious use of the resources available to us.
Meaning: very clever and skillful
Use in sentence: She was ingenious at finding ways to work more quickly.
Meaning: honest, sincere and trusting/ showing innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness
Use in sentence: It has to be said it was rather ingenuous of him to ask a complete stranger to look after his luggage. (Pair Repeated: 2)
Meaning: a wooden bar which is fastened over the necks of two animals, especially cattle, and connected to the vehicle or load that they are pulling
Use in sentence: In just a few weeks another 10 nations, many freed from the yoke of Communist oppression.
Meaning: the yellow, middle part of an egg
Use in sentence: I like eggs lightly cooked so that the yolk is still runny.

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