Everyday Science Objectives Tests 3

01. Glycogen is mainly stored in

a. Cartilage and bone
b. Liver and muscles
c. Spleen
d. Villi

02. Anaemia is caused in man due to the deficiency of

a. Folic acid
b. Vitamin A
c. Vitamin B 12
d. None of these

03. Which of the following situations will be fatal to the first foetus ?

a. Rh positive male marries Rh positive woman
b.Rh positive male marries Rh negative woman
c. Rh negative male marries Rh positive woman
d. Rh negative male marries Rh negative woman

04. The most important function of perspiration is to

a. Get rid of the body wastes
b. Regulate the body temperature
c. Regulate the body water supply
d. Lubricate the epithelial tissue

05. The main function of white blood cell in body is to

a. Carry oxygen
b. Help in clot formation
c. Produce more red cells
d. Protect body against diseases

06. The cranial nerve which supplies regions of the body is

a. Auditory
b. Vagus
c. Olfactory
d. Oculomotor

07. The number of chromosomes in the human body is

a. 42
b. 44
c. 46
d. 48

08. One micron is equal to

a. One-tenth of a millimeter
b. One-hundredth of a millimeter
c. One- thousandth of a millimeter
d. One-millionth of a millimeter

09. The innermost linning which wraps the brain and spinal card in vertebrates is called

a. Arachnoid
b. Duramater
c. Piamater
d. None of above

10. Adrenocorticotrophic harmone (ACTH) is secreted by

a. Adrenal
b. Pancreas
c. Pituitay
d. Thyroid

11. The purest form of water is obtained from

a. A deep tube well
b. A running stream
c. Hot water
d. Heavy rains

12. Diamond and Emerald contain

a. Carbon and silicon
b. Carbon and Zinc
c. Silicon , aluminum
d. Carbon and calcium

13. Cloudy nights are warmer than clear nights due to

a. Prevention of heat radiated out by the earth from escaping into the sky
b. Reflection of heat waves radiated out by the earth
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above

14. Which of the following semi-conductor ?

a. Copper
b. Zirconium
c. Silver
d. Germanium

15. As one climbs up the Mount Everest, one experiences difficulty in breathing due to

a. Low content of nitrogen
b. Low content of oxygen
c. High content of carbon dioxide
d. None of above

16. A camera forms

a. Real but inverted images
b. Virtual but inverted images
c. Real and erect images
d. Virtual and erect images

17. The gas used in Soda water is

a. Carbon monoxide
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Oxygen
d. Marsh gas

18. A red flower placed in green light appears

a. Greenish-red
b. black
c. Reddish green
d. Blue

19. The metal used in storage batteries is

a. Zinc
b. Copper
c. Aluminum
d. Lead

20. A instrument used to detect the presence of a current in a circuit is called

a. Rheostat
b. Voltameter
c. Galvanometer
d. Ammeter

21. Soap and detergents remove the dirt from clothes due to

a. Osmosis
b. Gravity
c. Lowering of interfacial tension
d. Capillary action

22. Wave length of Ultra violet light is

a. 40000 A
b. 45000 A
c. 5000 A
d. 5500 A

23. The green colour of water in a lake is due to

a. Excessive growth of sea weeds
b. Algal
c. Pollution
d. Gas

24. 14 carat gold means

a. An inferior quality of gold
b. A cheap quality of gold being imported from gulf countries
c. Gold which contains 14 percent gold and rest copper
d. An alloy containing 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of copper

25. The stars are not visible in the day time because

a. They are much smaller in comparison to the man
b. They are at a very great distance from the earth
c. of sun`s brightness during day time
d. None of above


01. b , 02. d , 03. b , 04. b , 05. d
06. b , 07. c , 08. c , 09. c , 10. c
11. d , 12. a , 13. a , 14. a , 15. d
16. a , 17. b , 18. b , 19. d , 20. d
21. a , 22. d , 23. a , 24. d , 25. c

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