CSS – Simple if Followed!

CSS – Simple if followed!!

1. Get enrolled in a good coaching institute. Though self-preparation is best for any examination for deep understanding but to prepare for competitive exams, coaching institutes provide a broad framework within which you must prepare. Choosing a good coaching institute may become another headache. Consider these valuable points before choosing one:
• How qualified is the faculty and their way of teaching? Sit for a demo class to know the style of teaching and look into the prospectus for the qualification of the mentors.
• Discuss with the current students of the coaching institute to know about the scheduling of tutorials, mock tests, discussion on tests, study materials, question banks etc.
• Check on previous results and rank holders from the coaching institute and how genuine it is.

2. Get to know the pattern of the examination.

3. Meditate and stay calm. For mind to understand all the concepts and topics, it must stay calm and focused. Do not panic if you have a large portion to complete in a short span of time. Recognize the importance of meditation. If you even devote half an hour in a day to meditate; you will see that the portion that you expected to consume 4 hours, will be completed in half of that time.
• Take breaks of two-five minutes after every 45 minutes of studying. A scientific study states that our mind grasps information properly for the first 45 minutes. After that it gets all muddled up in the mind.

4. Exercise and eat healthy food. A healthy mind exists in a healthy body. Therefore, exercise in the morning, and stretch your body at various intervals while studying. Consider these following tips-
• Do not eat junk food. Avoid as much as you can because it has been found that junk food slows down the working speed of mind and critical thinking.
• Eat almonds in the morning which are said to improve memory.
• Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables so that you get sufficient nutrients.

5. Discipline/follow schedule timings- It is very important to stay disciplined when you prepare for competitive exams. Make a schedule and see that you follow it properly. There is no sense in putting efforts to create a study schedule and not even following it. Consider these tips-
• Rather involve in fun activities, play outdoor or indoor games, take a walk around your place, take time out for your hobby.

6. Stay energized and motivated.

7. The SWOT analysis. It is Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Analysis. This means that you must first figure out these four variables. Strengths and weaknesses are internal variables; what is inside you. And opportunities sand threats are external variables; what is outside/around you. Consider this-
• Discover what your strengths are, focus on them, and utilize them in the best manner so that it helps you to prepare for competitive exams.
• Find out what your weaknesses are so that you know what you need to work on. You may have a bad handwriting, you may be a slow writer, your concentration may not hold for too long; work on such weaknesses so that these pointers do not become a hindrance while you prepare for competitive exams and while writing for the same.
• Identify the opportunities that you have. List down those factors that may help you in a good way to prepare for competitive exams and the things that you can do after excelling in the competitive exam; this will motivate you to work harder on doing well.
• There may be certain threats as well. What are the things that could stop you from preparing well or in writing well for your competitive exams? You must figure out these too.

8. Study and practice every day. Do not deviate from your schedule! And strive to follow it every day without fail.

9. Know your fundamentals well. One must always begin with the basics and fundamentals. Start at the grassroots level. Do not try to make a jump and practice complex questions. True, the fundamentals may not come in the examination, but nevertheless they help you to understand the study matter in a better way. Here are a few tips-
• Derive out a strategy on how to go about your syllabus. You cannot just start with anything. Make a proper plan and strategy so that it saves your time later on.
• Get your basics cleared and understood from your teachers or mentors. This will set the base for further study.

10. Time management. This is the key to success. If you know how to manage your time, half of the work is already done. Time Management is the most important aspect of your preparation. Not just while you prepare for competitive exams but also while you give one. Time is what you have now. You cannot get it back when it is gone. Even this very second that just passed by, it is gone. So, spend your time very carefully. People say time is money. But time is even more precious than that. You can earn back money you lost once, but not time. Keep these things in mind-
• Sometimes, you are thinking about the solution of a problem and you may get lost in just another world. Do not let yourself do that.
• A five minute break should be a five minute break only. Do not let it extend to an hour.
• While giving the examination, assign time slots to every question on the basis of its length. Do not waste time in searching for pen, pencil, rubber; keep everything handy.
• Keep a watch on your table instead of tying it on your hand. It is better to just move your eyes than to look at your hand as it is distracting.
• Pay attention on your own exam. How much ever a good friend you may be with the person sitting ahead or behind you, they all will go on their own paths and you on your own. That examination is going to be detrimental for your life, so value that.

And finally, the most important thing, revise your complete portion few days before the exam, and take rest on the last night of the exam. Do not forget to pray Salaat, and Caring your parents.

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