Interview with Female ASP- Suhai Aziz

Interview with Female ASP- Suhai

Suhai Aziz Talpur First Woman ASP from Lower Sindh
Belonging to a middle class family of Bhai Khan Talpur village in Sindh's Tando Muhammad Khan district, Suhai Aziz Talpur, is an impressive story of strong will, great determination, and relentless hard work. Beating all odds, she achieved marvellous success in CSS exam and was appointed as ASP. She is the first woman from lower Sindh to join the police at this rank.

Q: First of all, for the interest of readers and CSS, PMS aspirants, please tell us about your educational credentials.
Suhai Aziz Talpur (SAT): My life has been like a ride of roller coaster of dreams. As a child, I was a big dreamer; I seriously flirted with dreams of being an architect, neurosurgeon, and pilot but ended up being a police officer. I have the distinction of being the first woman ASP from lower Sindh.
As regard my educational credentials, I did matriculation from Fauji Foundation Higher Secondary School, Tando Muhammad Khan. And after doing intermediate from Bahria Foundation College, Hyderabad, I did B.Com from Zubaida Girls College, Hyderabad. Later, I earned my master's degree in Economics from University of Sindh, Jamshoro. I did a certificate course of Chartered Accountancy from Al-Hamd Academy Hyderabad and Skans Islamabad as well.

Q: As a police officer, how will you utilize your qualification?
SAT: As a Police Officer, I feel my purpose in this particular field should be to prevent injustices and cruelties perpetrated through crime by identifying and bringing such culprits to justice. I think, I will be more capable of preventing crime and protecting the rights of citizens. My certitude and hope with regard to my future role would definitely help me in achieving this purpose.

Q: Do you think that the PSP is better than other occupational groups?
SAT: It's, actually, a matter of temperament as well as of your outlook on life. It's not group, it's rather ability, nature and spirit of the individual as to how one aspires to serve the nation. PSP is a great group and so are the others. Nevertheless, I feel it's more challenging, especially for women.

Q: What, between books and notes, should be preferred for better preparation? And, what strategy should one adopt to make a difference in CSS?
SAT: In my opinion, it is imperative to read different books and some other topics as well. This broadens one's scope and clears the concepts on a particular topic. Hence, it enables one to tackle a question from various angles. However, retention of these concepts is possible only by making one's own notes instead of relying on those of others.
As regards the best strategy, I think one should not blindly follow the fixed norms or 'trends'. In fact, critical thinking and open-mindedness put one on the path that leads to making a difference.

Q: It is believed that appropriate selection of the optional subjects is very crucial to getting your desired group but fresh aspirants often get confused while selecting those. In your opinion, what is the best way to choose optional subjects?
SAT: I think the prevalent notion of 'scoring subjects' is only a myth. If one considers oneself capable in a particular subject, one may go for it confidently.
I chose Accounting & Auditing and Mercantile Law because I had studies them in past and Sindhi because of my literary taste. Journalism and International Law are subjects of general nature.

Q: We often see that a number of average students get allocated whereas the talented ones just can't make it. Do you believe that the luck factor plays an important part?
SAT: Certainty of employment depends upon hard work whereas what group you land into is absolutely a matter of luck.

Q: Do you think that more and more females should join the police service?
SAT: Changing times and conditions of our country put another great responsibility on the shoulders of our women. Today, they cannot afford to remain confined in the four walls of the house; it's not only the right but also the duty of women to stand with the males to confront the grave challenges that our country is facing today.

Q How one can score well in interview?
SAT: To me, the foremost quality that an interview candidate must possess is confidence. If a candidate doesn't possess adequate knowledge, this confidence would compensate this shortcoming. One cannot know everything, but one should always express the zeal to learn new things.

Q: Would you like to give any message to readers?
SAT: I strongly feel that our youth possesses great potential as well as verve to serve the country. Our young men and women are eager to tread the path of prosperity and they must believe that the destiny is in their own hands.

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