10 Questions with Talha Masood

10 Questions with Talha Masood

JWT provides CSS aspirants with complete guidance on all aspects of CSS.

Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): Kindly tell us about your educational background and achievements in detail.

Talha Masood (TM): I was never so fortunate as to get educated from quality institutions. My schooling till class 9th was at Pak Public Model School, Panjgur. Then I did matriculation from Babar School, Quetta. Afterwards, I continued my education primarily as a private candidate. Then due to considerate guidance of Ma’am Faiza Meer, a lecturer at Balochistan University, I got enrolled in Master’s in International Relations programme from University of Balochistan and earned this degree with first division.

Actually, being an over-ambitious sort of person, I wanted to do a lot of things.

I got a diploma in Hotel Management and started working at Karachi Marriott as Housekeeping Coordinator. But, that was the place that instilled in me fervour to do something extraordinary for me as well as my family. So, I resigned from there and went on to work in many other organizations including Quetta Serena Hotel. I always worked hard and owing to my relentless struggle, Allah helped me in coming at the right track. So, I appeared in CSS and by the grace of Allah Almighty, I stood fourth in Balochistan. This still is among the biggest achievements in my life.

Besides qualifying CSS, I also co-founded the “Organization for the Development of Youth,” — another great achievement in my life — whereby we endeavour to steer the youth of Balochistan to right direction and make them capitalize their incomparable talents in diverse fields.

JWT: In your opinion, how the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) is better than other groups?
TM: Firstly, I would say that all the groups have distinctive attraction and charm. IRS is a lot more preferable group especially after excellent procedural reforms. After the inclusion of sales tax department in the ambit of IRS, it is now the collector of almost 90% of country’s total tax.
Besides, as an IRS officer you will mostly perform your duties in big cities. Most of the RTO’s and LTU’s are located in such cities. You can get postings in the cities of your choice almost all the time; another hallmark of the IRS. Besides attractive salary packages, the IRS offers fastest growth in terms of promotion and important assignments.

JWT: Did you join any academy or prepared for CSS on your own?
TM: I had some mentors of very good repute including Sir Noor Ahmed Samoon and Sir Mohammad Ishaque. They always rated me very high and under their patronage, I never felt the need to join any academy. I was of the view that resorting to academies for preparation would temper my originality. Nevertheless, aforementioned teachers helped me a lot in preparing for CSS.

JWT: What, between books and notes, should be preferred for better preparation?
TM: I think notes do matter but only if you prepare them by yourself. Ideally, more than one book must be consulted for each subject if one wishes to prepare for higher marks.
For each subject, use of its jargon and terminology adds a rewarding impact to one’s papers.

JWT: What strategy one should adopt to make a difference?
TM: Read more! Actually, problem is that most students have limited range of knowledge and that too is built on wrong frame of references. They usually stick to market books hence face mammoth problems in getting through the exam. The only panacea is to read quality material and reference books.

JWT: You know, most candidates fail English Essay and English Précis & Composition papers. What strategy would you suggest for these two crucial papers?
TM: These two papers — Essay and Composition — are most crucial. The other subjects are hugely reflected by sound grip on these very subjects. We tend to use various techniques in these papers; leaving aside the originality. One must invest extensive practice of these two subjects without having any pre-conceived notions of good command over English.

JWT: What sort of guidance is required for the fresh aspirants and how do you see Jahangir’s World Times (JWT) in this regard?
TM: JWT provides CSS aspirants with complete guidance on all aspects of CSS. I first studied it in 2009 and I am its regular reader till date. It helps candidates in their focused and result-oriented pursuits for this big exam.

JWT: Do you believe in luck-factor in CSS? You must be privy to the fact that a number of average students get allocated while the talented ones are left out of the race?
TM: Fishing out luck factor in CSS or in any other field of life is an epic folly. This exam is designed for those who work hard. I would suggest that the aspirants must employ all their weaponry. Besides, they must be open to new ideas. Prudent planning coupled with consistency is the only key to success in CSS exams.

JWT: Would you like to give any message to prospective candidates?
TM: Don’t let the window of practical idealism close in your life. This only would make you jump out of bed each morning in pursuance of cherished goals in your life.

Source: Jahangir's World Times

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