CSS Past Papers of Solved Pair of Words English (Précis and Composition) 2006

Get the free CSS Past Papers of Solved Pair of Words English (Précis and Composition) 2006

Meaning: excessive desire to eat
Sentence: On reaching the ship they were offered some bread, which they devoured with a voracious appetite.

Meaning: the quality of being true, honest or accurate
Sentence: The veracity of the second claim can be tested against the findings of archeology.

Meaning: to treat someone unfairly or cruelly over a long period of time because of their race, religion, or political beliefs or to annoy someone by refusing to leave them alone
Sentence: Religious minorities were persecuted and massacred during the ten-year regime.

Meaning: to officially accuse someone of committing a crime in a court of law, or (of a lawyer) to try to prove that a person accused of committing a crime is guilty of that crime Sentence: He was prosecuted for fraud.

Meaning: a long wide hole which is dug all the way around a place such as a castle, and usually filled with water, to make it more difficult to attack
Sentence: The site of the manor house is surrounded by a narrow moat which is fed by water from the New River.

Meaning: something, especially a bit of dust, that is so small it is almost impossible to see Sentence: Dust motes swam alongside the gloomy corridor.

Meaning: to be unwilling to do something
Sentence: I'm loath to spend it all at once.

Meaning: to hate someone or something
Sentence: From an early age the brothers have loathed each other.

Meaning: very clever and skillful
Sentence: She was ingenious at finding ways to work more quickly.

Meaning: honest, sincere and trusting/ showing innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness
Sentence: It has to be said it was rather ingenuous of him to ask a complete stranger to look after his luggage.

Meaning: glad; ready
Sentence: He is fain to do all things himself.

Meaning: to pretend to feel something, usually an emotion
Sentence: You know how everyone feigns surprise when you tell them how old you are.

Meaning: a person who has come to a different country in order to live there permanently
Sentence: Illegal immigrants are sent back across the border if they are caught.

Meaning: a person who emigrates
Sentence: There was only a small number of emigrants on board.

Meaning: to destroy or badly damage something
Sentence: Our greenhouse was wrecked in last night's storm.

Meaning: to cause something to happen in a violent and often uncontrolled way Sentence: The recent storms have wreaked havoc on crops.

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