Essay Topic About Pakistan in CSS Past Exams Since 1971

 Essay Topic About Pakistan in CSS Past Exams Since 1971

When I looked at past CSS papers, I found out that atleast one topic in all essay papers since 1971 was about Pakistan. Following are the topics about Pakistan, that have appeared in CSS essay papers since 1971
1. Pakistan's Nuclear Programme: alternative scenarios 
2. Pakistan's new constitution (this appeared in 1973 paper, dont be confused about it ) 
3. Pakistan cultural situation 
4. Pakistan's efforts at attaining self-sufficiency in food 
5. Pakistan's efforts at industrialization 
6. Pakistan's response to the changing regional situation 
7. Pakistan and the Muslim World 
8. Pakistan's economic progress during the last seven years 
9. Pakistan's achievements towards Islamistaion. 
10. Pakistan's Health Problems-How would you propose to solve them? 
11. Pakistan elections 1989; Their effect on country's politics and common man
12. Pakistan-Afghanistan relations: Post-Soviet withdrawal phase 
13. Pakistan as leader of the Islamic World in the 21st century 
14. Pakistan’s war on terror and its impact on our psyche and politico-socio-economic fronts 
15. Democracy in Pakistan 
16. Contemporary Pakistani Literature 
17. Democracy in Pakistan will remain insecure without strong local self government institutions 
18. Profile of the Pakistani voter 
19. Fifty years of Pakistan: the dreams and the realities? 
20. The ideology of Pakistan 
21. The Ideology of Pakistan (repeated topic 1973, 1984) 
22. Dismemberment of Pakistan and its consequences 
23. Unemployment and Pakistani youth 
24. Population growth in Pakistan and its implication 
25. Decay of idealism in Pakistan 
26. Personalization of Pakistan Politics 
27. Devolution of power in Pakistan 
28. Dynamic developments in Pakistan's social structure 
29. Ideological frontiers of Pakistan its preservation 
30. Control of corruption in Pakistani society 
31. The state of Women Rights in Pakistan 
32. The future of democracy in Pakistan 
33. Agro-Technical education in Pakistan 
34. Socio-economic situation in Pakistan 
35. Energy a critical factor in Pakistan's economic development 
36. Higher Economic problems in Pakistan and how to meet them 
37. Non proliferation Treaty and Pakistan 
38. Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan 
39. CTBT and its implications for Pakistan 
40. The current economic scenario in Pakistan 
41. Risk of ‘Soviet Syndrome’ for Pakistan 
42. The process of urbanization in Pakistan 
43. The nuclear power programme in Pakistan 
44. The process of modernization in Pakistan 
45. The World economic scenario and Pakistan's place in it 46. The art of feature films made in Pakistan 
47. Requisites for social progress in Pakistan 
48. Socio-Economic status of women in Pakistan 
49. Klashinkov and heroin culture and Pakistani youth 
50. The causes of female backwardness in Pakistan and an appraisal of the contribution that women can make to the national development effort. 
51. Afghan peace enigma: implications for Pakistan 
52. World scenario in 21st century and Pakistan’s Role in it 
53. Socio-Economic challenges faced by Pakistan 
54. Prospects of demographic equilibrium in Pakistan through family planning 
55. Freedom Movement and establishment of Pakistan 
56. Ravages of flood and their control in Pakistan 
57. Progressive alleviation of poverty in Pakistan-an overview 
58. English as the Medium of Education in Pakistan 
59. Your recipe for economic prosperity of Pakistan 
60. Canal irrigation and its contribution to Pakistan's economy 
61. The role of banking in the development of Pakistan 
62. Dilemma of the water and energy crises in Pakistan 
63. The eight amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan 
64. Mass Resistance in Occupied Kashmir: Options for Pakistan 
65. Need for serious planning in technical education in Pakistan 
66. Economic and Political development equilibrium in Pakistan through family planning 
67. The scourge of sectarian militancy and ethnic violence in Pakistan 
68. Inflation and the common man. Discuss with reference to Pakistan 
69. Suggestions for the improvement of educational standard in Pakistan 
70. The food crisis: problems, challenges and opportunities for Pakistan 
71. The curse of corruption in developing countries with special reference to Pakistan 
72. WTO (World Trade Organization) and its implication for developing economies like Pakistan 
73. Is over population a human capital to be proud of? Discuss with special reference to Pakistan 
74. Identify and discuss some of the more serious political, social and economic problems of Pakistan 
75. How can agrarian and labour reforms and check on population growth help in development of Pakistan? 
76. What do you understand by the terms Agrarian Reforms and Land Reforms? Have they been launched in Pakistan, if so, to what effect? 
77. Prepare a brief draft brouchure for a foreign tourist, describing beautiful scenic spots and historical places in Pakistan. 
78. What are the social evils rampant in our society? Discuss them in their order of importance, How would you eradicate them? What are implications on Pakistan's present and future?

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