PPSC Past Papers of District Zakat Officer

PPSC Past Papers of District Zakat Officer

1. Mangla dam depth---------?

2. How many feet of mangla dam depth increase recently………..

3. Scotland refrendum voters-------?

4. C-in-C after independence of pakistan........ frank masservy

5. first punjab governor after independence---- francis moodi

6. islamabad selected as a capital-------1960

7. balochistan status as a province----1970

8. first constituents assembely-------- 11 august 1947

9. pakistan coastal line lenght in miles-------750

10. objective resolution---- march 1949

11. defense pact signed by Pakistan-----1954

12. jinnah resigned congress-----1920

13. right hand of jinnah------ liaquat Ali khan...

14. first president ofpakistan........ sikander mirza

15. bicameral system.......1973 constitution.

16. pakistan recognize islamic state in which constitution... all 1956,62,73

17. first civil martial law administrator----- z.a bhutto

18. pakistan joined NAM ------1979

19. p.m at the time of first martial law---------feroz khan noon

20. who prepare pirpur report...... syed mehdi

21. pakistan join nuclear club---------28may, 1998.

22. women join muslim league------1937

23. red cliff was a------------ lawyer

24. first time pakistan recognized by--------- iran

25. forest in pakistan...... 3.6%

26. first recepient of neshan.e.haider------ sarwar shaheed

27. formation of one unit----1955

28. national anthem of pakistan written by-------- hafeez jahlandari

29. lady of the lamp--------- folerence nightingale

30. weight of male brain------- 49 ounce

31. weight of female brain------- 44 ounce

32. sea horse------ none of these in given answer

33. in republics who is head of state------- president

34. who formed british-indian council------ amer ali

35. first census of pakistan---------1951

36. indus lenght-------2803 k.m---- ahmad najeeb book 2900 k.m given

37. oldest barrage -------- sukkur

38. first dam of pakistan------- terbela

39. u.n security council head quarter------- new york

40. strongest muscle of human body-------- thigh

41. bone in human body--------206

42. cabon dioxide in air------0.4%

43. pakistan won cricket world cup? 1992

44. military asset distribution after independence b/w Pakistan and india ratio----- 1:2

45. siachen glaciar lenght----------72 k.m

46. norway currency------ krone

47. pakistan first chief justice----- abdul rasheed

48. pastun % in afghanistan...........60%

49. afghanistan coastle line lenght------- none of these becoz land lock country

50. euro currency introduce-------1 jan, 1999.

51. jerusalem scared place for------ all… muslim, christain, jews

52. pakistan join U.N ---------30 sep, 1947

53. commen wealth formed-----1931

54. largest island ------ ?

55. india raised kashmir issue in U.N on------- feb 1948

56. jinnah favourite game----------billiard

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