PPSC Past Paper of Deputy Superintendent Jail

PPSC Past Paper of Deputy Superintendent Jail

 1. How many jails are in Punjab?
2. How many women hanged after the independence?
3. Juvenile age below?
4. How many security jails in Punjab?
32 Jails in the province of Punjab
5. Name of IG Punjab?
Khan Baig
6. FIR means
First Information Report
7. Minister of Prison
Chaudhry Abdul Waheed Arain
8. Prison department inaugurated
9. Adiala Jail is second name of which jail?
Rawalpindi Jail
10. Which jail is most populous by inmates?
Sahiwal Jail
11. By inmates which is the populous region?
12. After independence who many jails build?
13 in Punjab
13. How many district jails?
14. How many central jails?
15. Model jail is?

16. In 2006 which jail functional
17. Which one is the oldest jail?
Gujranwala est. 1854
18. Ghazi Ilm Din shaheed hanged in which jail
Mianwali Jail
19. Rickets is the disease of
Bones caused by deficiency of Vitamin D
20. Citrus Acid is?
Vitamin C
21. Insulin is discovered by?

22. Penicillin is discovered in?
Alexander Fleming
23. Mopla Rising is for ?
Khilafat Movement
24. De Novo Means?
From beginning
25. AKIN means
26. Book on Jinnah?

27. Rainy season starts in?
28. Reuter is the news agency of?
29. Birr is the currency of ?
30. Which gas is lightest?
31. Prison department is under which department?
Home Department
32. Human Rights watch headquarter is in?
New York City
33. Saarc Human Resource Headquarter is?
34. FAO headquarter is ?
35. First IG prison ?
Dr. C. Hathaway
36. After Independence who was the first IG prison?
H.H. Mehmood
37. NAB created on which year ?
38. Woman Jail in which city ?
39. After independence how many jail built ?
40. Province without glacier?
41. Lalik Jaan Belongs to which regiment?
NLI Northern Light Infantry
42. Which regiment won most of Nishan Haider?
Punjab with 3 Nishan e Haiders
43. First Indian King ?
Chandargupt Maurya
44. Source of protein ?
47. Most Abundant Element of earth?
Oxygen 46.6%
48. How many bones in human body?
49. Night Blindness due to ?
Deficiency of Vitamin A
50. Who was president of USA when Pakistan came into being?
Harry S. Truman (President of the United States in 1947)

51. Who is founder of Wiki Pedia?
Founder of Wikipedia may refer to:
Jimmy Wales (born 1966)
Larry Sanger (born 1968)
52. A man pointing to photograph told that he was the only child of his parents and "Father of the person in Photograph was son of his father" relation between person and person in Photo Graph?

53. How many Borstal Institutes are there in Punjab?

54. Where are these Borstal Institutes established?

55. Name of the prison under High Security?

56. Where was New jail constructed in 2007?

57. Synonyms of "Brazen"?

58. Name the Province without any Desert (it was not Glacier)

59. Lakhnow Pact 1906, was presented before whom?
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
60. 1/4 equals?

61. two athletes contested a 100 M race, both covering distance in 36 and 45 Sec. for what distance the runner up, seconded?

62. A man standing on a point facing North, traveled 7 M, and then turned to west and traveled 2 M, again he turned towards South and traveled 4 meters and at last towards West 2 M. find Distance from initial point?

63. Price of 5 Toys is Rs. X, what will it cost for 35 Toys?

64. Area of a plot or (" Town") is 2550.50, Find the length of side?

65. How many pieces of 85 CM each can be cut form a cord of 42.5 M. length?

66. 40 Cows, eat 40 Bags of Husk in 40 Days, one Cow 'll consume one bag of husk in how many days?

67. A man's age would be 25 years?

68. Sum of two numbers is 25 and their difference is 13, find the sum of their squares?

69. When prison department was established?

70. Which of the prison was built in in year 1854?

71. If one third capacity of a tanker is filled with 80 Litters, how many Litters (volume) would fill 50% of capacity?

72. Who is Minster of Prisons?

73. Who is Provincial Minister of Prison?

74. Who is current I.G. prisons?

75. First ever I.G. Prisons?

76. The average cost per meal of a prisoner is?

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