Instrument Names and their Uses

Instrument Names and their Uses

Name of Instrument ------Use of Instrument

Altimeter--------- Measures altitude (uses in aircraft)

Ammeter---------- Measures strength of electric current

Anemometer------- Measures force and velocity of wind and determines its 

Audiometer-------- Measures intensity of sound

Barometer------- Measures atmospheric pressure

Balometer------- Measures heat radiation

Callipers ------- Measures inner and outer diameter of solids

Calorimeter--------- Measures quantities of heat

Cardiogram (ECG) -------Traces movements of the heat, recorded on a cardiograph

Chronometer------- Determines longitude of a vessel at sea

Cryometer------ Measures very low temperatures, usally below 0oC

Dynamo ---- ---- Convert Mechanical energy into electric energy
Dynamometer Measures electric power

(EEC) Record and interprets the electrical waves of the brain recorded on electroencephalograph

Electrometer------- Measures very small, potential difference in electric current

Electroscope-------- Detects presence of an electric current

Edoscope ------ Examines internal organs of the body

Fathometer------ Measures depth of the ocean

Fluxmeter--------- Measures magnetic flux

Galvanometer-------- Measures the eletric current

Hydrometer------ Measures the relative density of liquids 

Hygrometer------- Measures level of humidity

Hydrophone------ Measures sound under water 

Kymograph------- Graphically record physiological movements (e.g., blood pressure/heartbeat)
Lactometer------------ Measures the relative density of milk to determine purity (fat content)
Manometer-------- Measures the pressure of gases

Microphone------ Converts sound waves into electrical signals

Microscope------- To obtain a magnified of light by particles suspended in a liquid

Ohmmeter----------- Measures electrical resistance in ohms

Ondometer--------- Measures the frequency of electromagnetic waves

Periscope --------- To view objects above sea level (used in submarines)

Polygraph----------- Instrument that simultaneously records changes in physiological processes such as heartbeat, blood pressure and respiration used as a lie detector

Pyknometer-------- Determines the density and coefficient of expansion 
of liquids

Pyrheliometer------- Measures components of solar radiation

Pyrometer------- Measures very high temperature

Quadrant ------- Measures altitude and angles in navigation and astronomy

Rader Detects the direction and range of an approaching 
aeroplane by means of an radiowaves (Radio, Angle, Detection and Range)

Refractometer-------- Measures refractive indices

Resistance Thermometer
An accurate type of thermometer in which temperature is meansured by determining the electrical resistance of a coil of thin wire

Salinometer------- Determines salinity of solutions

Sextant -------- Used by navigators to find the latitude of a place by measuring the elevation above the horizon of the sun or another star-also measures the height of distant objects

Sphygmomanometer-------- Measures Blood pressure

Stereoscope----- Used to veiw two - dimensional pictures

Stethoscope------- Used by doctors to hear and analyze heat and jung sounds

Stroboscope-------- Used to view rapidly moving objects

Tachometer------ Determines speed, especially the rotational speed of a shaft (used in motor vehicles, aeroplanes and motor-boats)

Tacheometer------- Used to measure distance, elevations and bearings during survey
Telescope-------- Used to view distant objects in space

Theodolite------- Measures horizontal and vertical angles

Tonometer------- Measures the pitch of sound

Transponder------ Used to receive a signal and transmit a reply immediately 
Udometer Rain gauge

Venturi meter------- Measures rate of flow of liquids

Viscometer------ Measures the viscosity of liquids

Voltmeter------- Used to measure potential difference between two points

Wattmeter------ Measures the power of an electric circuit

Wavemeter-------- Measures the wavelength of a radiowave

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