PPSC Past Paper of Labour Officer 15-09-2011

PPSC Past Paper of Labour Officer 15-09-2011

1-Right of Assciation is a ---------------------------Fundamental right
2-Name ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN was given in which constitution-----------1973
3-Objective resolution made part of -----------in 1985
4-P.M tenders his resignation to-------president
5-Parliamnet consists of---------NA, Senate, President
6-how many amendments have been made in the constitution -------19
7- who appoints the governors? president
8-senate is presided -----------Chairman Senate
9-lower house of the parliament---------National Assembly
10- Cheif election commissioner office term----3years
11-fundamental rights are enforcable by------- both Supreme court & high courts
12-in 1973 constituent committee consists of parties-----All parties
13-chlid labor is prohibited under---------constitution u/art 11
14-what age of child not allowed for labour--------14 years
15-National reconciliation order enacted in the year--------2007

16-Census is made after--------once in a decade
17-Most speaking language in pakistan---------punjabi
18-pak afghan relation severed ---------after every 10 years
19-faiz Ahmen FAiz is---------a poet
20-what is sahiwal--------a Division & district of punjab
21-largest coastal line of province-------balochistan
22-in which area sui gas was discoverd first time-----sibbi,sui, 1952
23-kashmir is important because-------
24- another name of hatf III missile------gazdnavi
25-IAEA hearquarter----------VIENNA
26-ILO headquarter--------Geneva, switzerland
27-Egypt in which continent-----Africa
28-Al-Azhar university in which country-------egypt
29-third world countries are---------backward countires
30-Solar system was discovered by---------
31- who was the discoverer of radioactivity along with Marie Curie and Pierre Curie, for which all three
won the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics?
Antoine Henri Becquerel from france
32-who is current Secretary General of UN-------Ban ki moon
33-Alumni meanz-----------old student
34-NPT stands for-----Non Proliferation Treaty
35 RAM stands for-----Random access memory
36- Computers main part----CPU
37-Drone is detectd by------?
38-richest source of Vit D------cod liver oil
39-Hepatitis C disease of----Liver
40-climbing on up hilly in bent condition makes the person------tired, stable, fast his speed
41-Artificial forest of pakistan----Changa manga
42-impact of wuller barrage on pakistan?
shortage of water+shortage of energy etc
43-Umul Quran is name of ---Surah Fateha
44- who was called the brain of arab?
hazrat amr bin-al-ass(r.a)
45-Most hafiz e quran were martyrd in ghazwa------yamamah
46-subject of Quran-----------human
47-Ayat in Surah kouser-----3
48-last khutba was dilivered by Prophet (PBUH) on mountian -------Safa
49-Zaboor was revealed on -----Hazrat Daud AS
50-Ist constitution in the world-------Misaq e Madina
51-Hijrat Habsha was ------------social boycott
52-Mutafq Alai is---------hadith in Bukhari & Muslim
53-number of prisoner in jang e badar---70
54-which one of following is kind of tax------ushr n zakat
55-zakat on diamond---2.5%
56- zakat on constrution of mosque is-------not
57- Emphasis of Madni surahs was on which topic?
58-Ghzwa furqan is another name of----ghzwa badar
59-correct word----formidable
60-chair synonym---seat
61-No sooner is followed by-----than
62-She resembles -------------to her mother or with his sister
63-noun of the word excite------excitement
64-person unable to pay his debt---------insolvent
65-he brushed ____on my arguments
66-i am sick -----of ....
67-CBA is elected through-----secret balloting
68-labour court jurisdiction
69-NIRC power
70-congniznce by labour court in dayz----what is google?
a search engine
71-what will be the next number? 3,6,5,20,7,42,9,.........?
72-what will be the next number? 4,5,7,11....?
73-1sq cm is equal to how many square mm?
74- 1 miligram gold is equal to how many milligram?
75-if the 10% length of a road is 50m what will be its total length?
76-the price of an article increase by 25% , who many % price decrease to remain the same old price
of article?
77-The writer of awaz dost is ?
mukhtar masood
78-13-blue and white nile met at?
79-freedom of trade is a?
fundamental right
80-We are saved from ultraviolet rays of sun through?
81-What odor is mixed in natural gas?
82-Surah Ikhlas is called …..of Quran?
83-D.M.S (digital management system) consist of ?

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