PPSC Past Papers of Inspector Legal

PPSC Past Papers of Inspector Legal Held on 15.01.2015

1. founder of Persian empire is Cyrus
2. solar system by Copernicus
3. chronometer is used for navigation
4. it iwas invented by harrison
5. wimbeldon in london
6. Harvard in massecheutts
7. hydrogen in universe
8. un established in 1945
9. before un which organisation was established ilo
10. golden gate bridge in francisco
11. Chlamydomonas s a genus of green algae
12. smallest gland in human body is pineal gland
13. 22 april is world water day
14. tajikstan capital is dushanbe
15. hashmite is in jordan
16. Mast tawakli is from balochistan
17. baba farid is first punjabi poet
18. bhambore is in thatta
19. Babusar Pass or Babusar the Thak Nala with Chilas
20. Power plant with the help of
21. karakom highway is Pakistan: 887 km
22. Chashma Nuclear Power Complex with the help of chinese
23. if no atmosphere then black
24. Ball pen was invented by lazlo biro
25. Antiseptic surgery by joseph lister
26. Without desert europe
27. Person who can deal with different subject is called polymath
28. inflation
29. vitmain c lacks if skin skin dease
30. vitamin d which human body make
31. money which is retained and not invested is called capital
32. kgb in which country
33. renaissance started in italy
34. last supper by leonardo da vinc
35. first man in space is yuri gagrin
36. nam members in 2012 is 120
37. person who is indebted is called insolvent
38. eu consist of 28 states
39. siacin glacier comes in the range of karakorum
40. Alexander the Great and the Burning of Persepolis
41. Britain victoria cros.
42. First snd in space by ussr
43. London on thame rivr
44. Blais paskal invntd calculatr
45. Comoutr if use illegaly nd for criminal mind hacking
46. Smallst unit of cmptr bit
47. Storage device of cmputr hard drive
48. Wat operate and give intrctions to cmputr software
49. Only hindu state in the world nepal
50. Lenin award faiz a faiz
51. Got nobel prize twice marie curie
52. Ecology is about atmosphere
53. Oncology for cancer
54. Chamber of heart ARE 4
55. MERCURY becomes water at room temperature
56. baghsar fort is built by dehyan singh
57. Myammar is the noldest name of burma
58. uses of fiber optics technology communication
59. Oldest monarch japan
60. first saarc conference held in dhaka
61. fathom in depth
62. deficit budgeting
63. plant exhale carbondioxide at night
64. Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in 1985.
65. cock andd bull story? fabricated story and self made story is cock and bull story
66. law of gravitation. newton
67. oldest barrage of pakistan? sukhar
68. forth pillar of state? media
69. pakistan and china border dispute? 1963
70. sea water contains?sodium chloride
71. kindergarten? nursary school
72. gawader purchased from/oman
73. first test tube baby?uk
74. Stamp of Hazrat Muhammad was in the custody of?Hazrat Huzaifa R.A
75. Masid Qiblatain?Madina
76. How many times Name MUHAMMAD in HOLY Quran?4
77. Khatib ul Ambia?Hazrat Shoaib R.A
78. surah with twice BismiLLAH?Al-Naml
79. Nisab of zakat on 7 tola Gold and 52.50 tola silver?2.5%
80. Ameenul Umma is title of?Hazrat Abu Ubaida R.A
81. the Name Shurta for Police?Hazrat Usman R.A
82. Ummul Masakeen?Hazrat zainab R.A
83. jail Department?Hazrat Umer R.A
84. Name in Ashra Mubashra?Hazrat Saad Bin Abi Waqas R.A
85. Ghare Sor on which mountain?
86. Seventh month of Islamic Calender?Rajab
87. Manazil in Quran?7
88. sajdas in Quran?14
89. Ghazwas Mentioned in Quran?12
90. Quran Revealed in ?23 Years
91. Tadveen e Quran?Hazrat abubakar R.A
92. First to accapt Islam?Hazrat Khadija R.A
93. Duty about Rain etc?Hazrat Mekail
94. Surah in Quran?114
95. Gate Keeper on Jannat?Rizwan
96. Land of Prophets?PALASTIN
97. Zaboor was Revealed?Hazrat Dawood R.A
98. Hazrat Bahaudin Zikriya from?Soharwardi
99. Hijri Calender ?Hazrat Umar R.A
100. Wich book called Old testament?The Torait
101. Al-Bari means?THE MAKER OF ORDERS

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