General Raheel Sharif Biography (Interesting)

General Raheel Sharif Biography (Interesting)

Foreword (General Analysis) : It is important to mention few introductory lines for those who don’t understand Astrology.
By interpretation the astrology doesn’t mean that “Planets/Stars feed us Or give us bread/clothes/fate/death/life/prosperity or anything else but it’s a scientific approach to find out the suitable/unsuitable “TIMES” for probable occurrences.

Every Commandment and Every Highness is for Allah and there is no one else who has the powers to feed, life ,death , Disease , Health , Respect and every phase of life , this is my belief. What is written on His Lauh , is eternal and unchanged , its my eternal belief.

i) If you move on with covered eyes and there is a ditch ahead, definitely you will have to fall until you see in time.
ii) If I ask you what 100+100 = ? You have instant answer 200 because you have already generated formulae in your mind.
iii) If you got the ulcer and you are not going through endoscopy and proper treatment while merely taking Omeprazole, you must be a fool OR you are suffering from arthritis and you are taking attapulgite , same is the case.
iv) Look at the High Level and Low Level per day of Sea , why it occurs?
v) Sun beams/rays give us Vitamin D Plus Photosynthesis occur due to presence of what? Definitely you have the answer
vi) Earth quakes are caused by what ,responsible is the planet’s core states.
vii) Throw two coins ten times , same occurrences can never happen as per thousandth disorder.
viii) Cut a paper one half every time and soon at 7th/8th time you will be unable to cut it anymore with your own hands.

Enough to open the windows of Brain if ask from yourself few common things(written above)

Let me elaborate with more common examples with common experiments.
i) Boil water and place inside a naked finger of human from any continent ,result would be same.
ii) Whenever you throw anything with speed less than escape velocity , thing will return to earth.
iii) Whenever .dll file goes corrupted you need to reinstall the software.
iv) Without free electrons , anything can’t be said metal.
v) Great leaders always have one thing common is “ Living Conscience” other wise history write their name as “Devils Or Damn”
These were few fix universal observations which can’t be amended anyway.
Coming back to Astrology, is based on fix and well defined observations. Its calculations have no business with any religion. Its a science which defines the effect of galaxies, stars, planets, asteroids on humans life.

I must quote that “Observe”
“When part of earth is at perihelion, there would be no winter in that place,Why? Truth from centuries and would be truth ever and ever.Because that’s the property of that point.
Again observe the sea level on the full phase moon? Exactly funny and this funny state is universal truth ever and ever.

General Raheel Sharif (Horoscope)

Name : Raheel Sharif
DOB : June 16 , 1956
Time : Sidreal Code
Uncertainity in happenings : +3 or -3 hours
City : Quetta
Lattitude : 30.15N
Longitude : 66.55E

When analyzing his horoscope I found (Only major aspects mentioned)
Sun Sextile Jupiter : Relatives in authority , Optimistic in nature
Sun Trine Neptune: Religious and Idealistic.
Sun sextile Plato : Creative potential , Inclination towards Psychology & Mystic Sciences
Mercury Sextile Venus : A blissful romantic/domestic life.
Mercury Trine Moon : Ability to listen others , good relations with Wife , Daughters as compared to males of family.
Mercury Sextile Uranus : Clarity of thoughts , Interested in Occult Studies.
Venus Squares Moon : Possessive and highly sensitive , Always encounter with challenging life phases.
Jupiter Sextile Neptune : Association in Social & Religious works but will lead this association to a disaster.

State Of Health: Amazingly he will suffer from Bronchial Disorders (Especially Asthma), Shoulders – Arms & Hands are the more sensitive parts of his personality.

In his horoscope Uranus is placed in critical condition in Cancer which means “You have intense love for you HOME but sudden changes, breaks or disappearances will be hard to bear”

Ascendant in the 11th house of horoscope: Means ,beside gains & profits its house of governance – As he is General so no more explanation is needed to highlight in this phase.

In case of male this position tells that person is eldest among Co – Born in family.

Ruler of 2nd house in 10th house: Means loosing the position unexpectedly.

Ruler of 3rd house in 11th house: Continuous Traveler

Ruler of 8th house in Ascendant : Possiblitiy of becoming victim of serious accidential mishap.

2015 in his life :

Family Life Critical Days :
Jan 21 , 27 , 28 , 29
May 2
June 20 , 21
Aug 26
Sep 9 , 10 , 11

Social Life Critical Days:
Jan 26 , 27 , 28
Feb 15 -20
Apr 5 -12 & Again Apr 29 , 30
May 2
June 9 – 15
Aug 26
Sep 6 – 16
Oct 23 -24
Nov 3 -4

Health Wise Critical Days:
Jan 27 , 28
July 7
Aug 26
Sep 12
Oct 23 , 24

Notes :
Sextile in astrology refers to 60 degrees.
Trine means an angle of 120 degree.
Ruler means the ruler of native sign of zodiac.
Ascendant mean Rising Sign.

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