PPSC Junior Patrol Officer Solved Past Paper

PPSC Past Paper of Junior Patrol Officer

1.  Who was the first president of Pakistan?
(A) Iskandar Mirza ✓ 
(B) Ayub Khan
(C) Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(D) Molvi Tameez-ud-Din

2.  Tarbela Dam is on ______ River.
(A) Indus ✓ 
(B) Jhelum
(C) Ravi
(D) None of these

3.  Who is Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah (KPK)?
(A) Pavez Khatak ✓ 
(B) Imran Khan
(C) Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti
(D) None of these

4.  Which personality represented Pakistan in UNO?
(A) Patras Bukhari ✓ 
(B) Faiz Ahmad Faiz
(C) Perveen Shakar
(D) Munir Niazi

5.  Durand Line is between
(A) Pakistan and Afghanistan ✓ 
(B) Pakistan and China
(C) Pakistan and Iran
(D) Pakistan and India

6.  How many Round Table Conferences were held?
(A) 3 ✓ 
(B) 5
(C) 4
(D) 2

7.  Who wrote "Friends, Not Masters"?
(A) Ayub Khan ✓ 
(B) Zia-ul-Haq
(C) Zulifqar Ali Bhutto
(D) Quaid-e-Azam

8.  Youm-e-Takbeer is celebrated on the 28th of May each year in commemoration of
(A) Nuclear Test ✓ 
(B) Independence Day
(C) Day of Deliverance
(D) None of these

9.  When first constitution of Pakistan was enacted?
(A) 1956 ✓ 
(B) 1962
(C) 1973
(D) None of these

10. Indus Basin Treaty was held in the reign of
(A) Ayub Khan  ✓ 
(B) Zia-ul-Haq
(C) Yahya Khan
(D) Zulifqar Ali Bhutto

11. Dia Mir Bhasha Day is in
(A) Gilgit  ✓ 
(B) Chitral
(C) Mansehra
(D) Peshawar

12. Quran revealed in _________ years.
(A) 23  ✓ 
(B) 25
(C) 24
(D) 21

13. When Holy Prophet (PBUH) died?
(A) 632 AD  ✓ 
(B) 633 AD
(C) 635 AD
(D) 630 AD

14. Who founded Baghdad?
(A) Al-Mansur  ✓ 
(B) Haroon-ur-Rashid
(C) Mamoon-ur-Rashid
(D) None of these

15. Who wrote Spirit of Islam?
(A) Syed Ameer Ali  ✓ 
(B) Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar
(C) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
(D) Ch. Rehmat Ali

16. Which province of Pakistan is least populated?
(A) Balochistan  ✓ 
(B) Punjab
(C) Sindh
(D) Khybar Pakhtoon Khawa

17. Who introduced "Basic Democracy" for the first time in Pakistan?
(A) Ayub Khan  ✓ 
(B) Yahya Khan
(C) Zulifqar Ali Bhutto
(D) Zia-ul-Haq

18. Which of the following was the Ottoman capital?
(A) Constantinople  ✓ 
(B) Baghdad
(C) Cairo
(D) None of these

19. The tribe of Hazrat Usman (R.A) was
(A) Omayyad  ✓ 
(B) Adi
(C) Banu Tameem
(D) None of these

20. Who was called Conqueror of Egypt (Fateh Misr)?
(A) Hazrat Sa'ad Bin Abi Waqas (R.A)  ✓ 
(B) Hazrat Ali (R.A)
(C) Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid (R.A)
(D) Hazrat Umar (R.A)

21. Najashi was the king of
(A) Ethiopia  ✓ 
(B) Iran
(C) Syria
(D) Yemen

22. Muhammad Bin Qasim is closely related to
(A) Hajjaj Bin Yousaf  ✓ 
(B) Haroon Rashid
(C) Mamoon Rashid
(D) Salah-ud-Din Ayubi

23. How many chapters (Parahs) in Quran?
(A) 30  ✓ 
(B) 25
(C) 114
(D) 28

24. Who was the first Muslim King of India?
(A) Qutab-ud-Din Aibak  ✓ 
(B) Muhammad bin Qasim
(C) Babar
(D) None of these

25. River Tigris is in
(A) Iraq  ✓ 
(B) Iran
(C) Egypt
(D) Syria

26. Ushr is
(A) 1/10th  ✓ 
(B) 1/20th
(C) 1/25th
(D) 1/40th

27. Who wrote Kitab-ul-Hind?
(A) Al-Beroni  ✓ 
(B) Ibn-ul-Haitham
(C) Ibn-e-Batoota
(D) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

28. Who was named as Saif-Ullah?
(A) Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed (R.A)  ✓ 
(B) Hazrat Ali (R.A)
(C) Hazrat Umar (R.A)
(D) Hazrat Sa'ad Bin Abi Waqas (R.A)

29. Nature of Novels of Nasim Hijazi is
(A) Historical  ✓ 
(B) Political
(C) Romantic
(D) Social

30. Native country of Alexander is
(A) Macedonia ✓ 
(B) Iraq
(C) Abyssinia
(D) Syria

31. Theory of Evolution is associated with
(A) Darwin  ✓ 
(B) Mandal
(C) Robin
(D) None of these

32. Sherlock Holmes is associated with
(A) Arthur Conan Doyle  ✓ 
(B) Jonathan Aims
(C) Nancy Drew
(D) Tom Swift

33. Taliban recently opened their office in
(A) Doha  ✓ 
(B) Abu Dhabi
(C) Dubai
(D) Muscat

34. American President Barrack Obama's political party is
(A) Democrates  ✓ 
(B) Republican
(C) Labour
(D) None of these

35. Currently, GST in Pakistan is
(A) 17%  ✓ 
(B) 15%
(C) 16%
(D) 18%

36. Who has portfolio of Defense?
(A) Nawaz Sharif  ✓ 
(B) Sartaj Aziz
(C) Zahid Hamid
(D) Ch. Nisar Ali Khan

37. Who is president of Iran?
(A) Hussan Rohani  ✓ 
(B) Mahmoud Ahmdinejad
(C) Ali Khameni
(D) None of these

38. Al-Taqseem Square is in
(A) Istanbul  ✓ 
(B) Cairo
(C) Islamabad
(D) Tunis City

39. ICC Championship was played in
(A) England  ✓ 
(B) India
(C) Sri Lank
(D) West Indies

40. Titanic is
(A) Ship  ✓ 
(B) Aeroplan
(C) Supersonic Fighter Jet
(D) Bullet Train

41. Who was the president of America, during the American Civil War?
(A) Abraham Lincoln  ✓ 
(B) George Washington
(C) J.F Kennedy
(D) George W. Bush Senior

42. Third Marshal Law in Pakistan was imposed on
(A) 5 July 1977  ✓ 
(B) 4 July 1977
(C) 6 July 1977
(D) 7 July 1977

43. Which of the following Muslims was Pan-Islamism during 19th Century?
(A) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan  ✓ 
(B) Syed Ameer Ali
(C) Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar
(D) Sir Agha Kan

44. Who is president of Syria?
(A) Bashar al-Assad  ✓ 
(B) Abdul Halim Khaddam
(C) Husni Mubarak
(D) Muhammad Mursi

45. Which of the following American presidents was killed?
(A) J. F. Kennedy  ✓ 
(B) Richard Nixon
(C) George Washington
(D) None of these

46. Aswan Dam is in
(A) Egypt  ✓ 
(B) Iran
(C) Iraq
(D) Saudi Arabia

47. Who gifted Statue of Liberity to the United States of America
(A) France  ✓ 
(B) Germany
(C) Israel
(D) Great Britain

48. Prague is capital of
(A) Czech Republic  ✓ 
(B) Poland
(C) Hungry
(D) Iceland

49. Which of following Islamic countries has 2500 islands?
(A) Indonesia  ✓ 
(B) Malaysia
(C) Sudan
(D) Saudi Arabia

50. Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated in
(A) War of Waterloo  ✓ 
(B) War of Buxor
(C) War of Plassey
(D) None of these
51. Who is incumbent British Prime Minister?
(A) David Cameron  ✓ 
(B) Tony Blair
(C) Barack Obama
(D) None of these

52. Who compiled Guru Granth?
(A) Guru Nanak  ✓ 
(B) Guru Amardas
(C) Guru Ramdas
(D) Guru Karishn

53. Who compiled Guru Granth?
(A) Guru Nanak  ✓ 
(B) Guru Amardas
(C) Guru Ramdas
(D) Guru Karishn

54. Mother Teresa was
(A) Social Worker  ✓ 
(B) Politician
(C) Musician
(D) President

55. Which of the following kings was assassinated?
(A) Martin Luther King  ✓ 
(B) Julius Caesar
(C) Alexander
(D) Napoleon Bonaparte

56. By profession, Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh is
(A) Economist  ✓ 
(B) Scientist
(C) Doctor
(D) Lawyer

57. Which was the capital of British Indian before Delhi?
(A) Kolkata  ✓ 
(B) Mumbai
(C) Madras
(D) Bangal

58. Torah is associated with
(A) Hazrat Musa A.S  ✓ 
(B) Hazrat Dawood A.S
(C) Hazrat Musa A.S
(D) None of these

59. Who is founder of All India Congress?
(A) A. O Hume  ✓ 
(B) Nehro
(C) Gandhi
(D) None of these

60. Naqsh-e-Faryadi is written by
(A) Faiz Ahmad Faiz  ✓ 
(B) Ahmad Sarfraz
(C) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
(D) Allama Iqbal

61. Yen is currency of
(A) Japan  ✓ 
(B) China
(C) Hong Kong
(D) South Korea

62. Pelle was famous player of
(A) Footbal  ✓ 
(B) Hockey
(C) Cricket
(D) Tannis

63. Old name of Netherlands is
(A) Holland  ✓ 
(B) Iceland
(C) Federland
(D) Land of Republic

64. In Roman counting, XV is
(A) 15  ✓ 
(B) 20
(C) 5
(D) 10

65. Confucius is ancient philosopher of
(A) China  ✓ 
(B) Greek
(C) Russia
(D) America

66. UNO Head quarter is located in
(A) New York  ✓ 
(B) Washington
(C) London
(D) Paris

67. Mohanjo Daro is in
(A) Sindh  ✓ 
(B) Punjab
(D) Balochistan

68. Who introduced the Law of Motion?
(A) Newton  ✓ 
(B) Feraday
(C) Fleming
(D) Einstein

69. Dermatology is disease of
(A) Skin  ✓ 
(B) Lungs
(C) Heart
(D) Brain

70. Who introduced Principle of Gravity?
(A) Newton  ✓ 
(B) Einstein
(C) Mandal
(D) Ashamedas

71. Solar eclipse occurs when
(A) Moon comes between Earth and Sun  ✓ 
(B) Earth comes between Moon and Sun
(C) Earth, Moon and Sun are in same line
(D) None of these

72. Who was the first man at moon?
(A) Neil Armstrong  ✓ 
(B) Yuri Gagarin
(C) Buzz Aldrin
(D) None of these

73. Rain fall in measured with
(A) Rain Gauge  ✓ 
(B) Rain Rode
(C) Rain Meter
(D) Hydro Meter

74. Who is inventor of computer operating system "Windows"?
(A) Bill Gates  ✓ 
(B) Malinda Gates
(C) Steve Jobs
(D) Larry Page

75. Bronchitis is associated with
(A) Lungs  ✓ 
(B) Heart
(C) Brain
(D) Respirator Cavity

76. A person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place
(A) Scapegoat  ✓ 
(B) Sufferer
(C) Victim
(D) None of these

77. On doing it daily, the task soon became a leisurely.
(A) Routine  ✓ 
(B) Programme
(C) Task
(D) Work

78. Pick up the nearly associated word of "To be at arm's length"
(A) Distance  ✓ 
(B) Work
(C) Sight
(D) Body

79. Turn on one's heel mean to return
(A) Quickly  ✓ 
(B) Sharply
(C) Instantly
(D) None of these

80. Shortsightedness is
(A) Myopia  ✓ 
(B) Hydrophobia
(C) Hyperopia
(D) None of these

81. Calculate: 9999+8888+777-?=19700
(A) 36  ✓ 
(B) 30
(C) 35
(D) 34

82. Calculate: 0.8+0.05+0.369+0.7683=?
(A) 1.9873  ✓
(B) 1.9573
(C) 1.7398
(D) 1.9078

83. Calculate: 6.837+3.1469=?
(A) 9.9839  ✓ 
(B) 15
(C) 11
(D) 8.2445

84. Calculate: 15-6.837-3.1469=?
(A) 5.0161  ✓ 
(B) 5
(C) 4.0161
(D) 6.0161

85. Ali earns Rs. 20.56 on first day, Rs. 32.90 on second and Rs. 20.78 on third day of week. If he spend half of the amount he earned in first three days of week, find out the remaining amount.
(A) Rs. 37.12  ✓ 
(B) Rs. 37
(C) Rs. 35.12
(D) Rs.36.12

86. Solve: Under Root of 10 x Under Root of 250
(A) 50  ✓ 
(B) 100
(C) 25
(D) 10

87. Find out the highest ratio
(A) 7:15  ✓ 
(B) 9:15
(C) 25:29
(D) 18:24

88. If 314 men print 6594 papers in 10 minutes, then find out the average printing of each man in 1 minute.
(A) 2.1  ✓ 
(B) 2
(C) 3.1
(D) 4

89. Calculate: 4.56+3.82+5.06=?
(A) 13.44  ✓ 
(B) 14.44
(C) 12.44
(D) 11.44

90. Solve: 0.8/10=?
(A) 0.08  ✓ 
(B) 80
(C) 88
(D) 8

91. How many figures up to 100 can be divided by 7?
(A) 14  ✓ 
(B) 13
(C) 12
(D) 10

92. Water is _________ for life.
(A) Indispensable  ✓ 
(B) Inevitable
(C) Needed
(D) Required

93. Objective Resolution was passed in
(A) 1949  ✓ 
(B) 1940
(C) 1950
(D) 1947

94. First General Elections were held on in Pakistan in
(A) 1970  ✓ 
(B) 1985
(C) 1998
(D) 1957

95. Deficit Financing is
(A) Printing new currency  ✓ 
(B) Paying back loan
(C) Brain drain
(D) None of these

96. Alexander's native land is
(A) Macedonia  ✓ 
(B) Germany
(C) Italy
(D) Britain

97. There are how many planets in universe?
(A) 8  ✓ 
(B) 9
(C) 10
(D) 11

98. Jabir Bin Hayan was a famous Muslim __________.
(A) Chemist  ✓ 
(B) Physicist
(C) Discoverer
(D) Teacher

99. I will not join Army as it is against my
(A) Creed  ✓ 
(B) Ethics
(C) Beliefs
(D) Taste

100. I will not be ________ to the mistakes made by him.
(A) Answerable  ✓ 
(B) Indispensable
(C) Reliable
(D) Accountable

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