Important Solved MCQs for PPSC Paper Prepration

Important Solved MCQs for PPSC Paper Prepration

1-The platypus and the echidna are the only mammals that:
A) Lay eggs
B) Have green blood
C) Live in Antarctica
D) Eat eucalyptus leaves

2-What is special about Sirius, the Dog Star?
A) It is the only star first observed by Albert Einstein
B) It is the brightest star in the sky
C) It always lies directly above the North Pole
D) It emits staccato barking sounds which radio telescopes can detect

3-An android is any robot that:
A) Has more than one basic function
B) Has the ability to make decisions and formulate plans
C) Is built by other robots
D) Looks and acts like a human

4-Charles Darwin began developing his theory of evolution while voyaging on a ship named:
A) The Enterprise
B) The Beagle
C) The Santa Maria
D) The Endeavour

5-Kinetic energy is:
A) Life energy, possessed only by living organisms
B) Only important at subatomic distances
C) Energy of movement
D) A rare form of energy sometimes observed in deep space

6-It is now believed that dinosaurs became extinct because of:
A) Viral diseases
B) Hunting by early humans
C) A worldwide period of climatic cooling
D) A meteorite impact

7-If you were to take a lump of coal and squeeze for a long time at very high temperatures, you would end up with:
A) Graphite
B) Volcanic glass, also known as obsidian
C) A smaller lump of coal
D) A diamond

8-Where should one go to find the “ablative absolute”?
A) A book of Latin grammar
B) A film by visionary German director Fritz Lang
C) An Irish monastery
D) A plastic surgeon

9-The metal mercury
A) Is the hardest known metal
B) Is a liquid at room temperature
C) Is highly radioactive
D) Is extensively used in aircraft construction

10-Unlike most other fish, sharks have no:
A) Bones
B) Teeth
C) Gills
D) Liver

11-The galaxy we live in is called the Milky Way. It is shaped approximately like:
A) A round ball
B) A doughnut
C) A pretzel
D) A flat spiral

8- A

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