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List of Straits from the World General Knowledge

The list of Straits from over the world

·         Agate Pass - Puget Sound
·         Agattu Strait - Aleutians
·         Akashi Strait - Japan
·         Alas Strait - between Lombok and Sumbawa in Indonesia
·         Alor Strait - Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia
·         Amchitka Pass - Aleutians
·         Anegada Passage - between the Virgin Islands and Anguilla
·         Anguilla Channel - between Anguilla and Saint Martin
·         Arthur Kill - between Staten Island and New Jersey
·         Augusta's Strait - a.k.a. Dampier Strait (Indonesia)
·         Bab-el-Mandeb - connects Red Sea to Gulf of Aden / Arabian Sea
·         Bab Iskender - between Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula and Djibouti in Africa
·         Balabac Strait - between PalawanPhilippines and Borneo
·         Bali Strait - between the Indonesian islands of Java and Bali
·         Strait of Baltiysk - between Vistula Bay and Gdansk Bay
·         Bangka Strait - between Sumatra and Bangka Island (also: Banca, Banka)
·         Banks Strait - between Cape Barren Island/Clarke Island and Tasmania
·         Bashi Channel - between Mavudis (also called Y'Ami Island), Philippines and Orchid IslandTaiwan
·         Bass Strait - between mainland Australia and Tasmania
·         Beagle Channel - Tierra del Fuego
·         Strait of Belle Isle - between Newfoundland and mainland Canada
·         Bering Strait - between Asia and North America
·         Bohol Strait - a.k.a. Cebu Strait
·         Strait of Bonifacio - between Corsica and Sardinia
·         Bosporus - between Europe and Asia
·         Bougainville Strait (Indonesia) - between Waigeo and the Kawe Islands[1]
·         Bougainville Strait (Solomon Islands) - between Bougainville Island and Choiseul Island
·         Boundary Pass - between British Columbia and Washington state
·         Bransfield Strait - between South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula
·         Bungo Channel - between Kyūshū and Shikoku in Japan
·         Cabot Strait - between Newfoundland and Cape Breton Island
·         Caicos Passage - between Turks and Caicos Islands and the Bahamas
·         Strait of Canso - between Cape Breton Island and mainland Nova Scotia
·         Carquinez Strait - connects San Pablo Bay and Suisun BayCalifornia
·         Cebu Strait (a.k.a. Bohol Strait) - between Bohol and Cebu in the Philippines
·         Chatham Strait - between Chichagof Island and Admiralty IslandAlaska
·         Chios Strait - between Turkey and the Greek island Chios
·         Clarence Strait - between Prince of Wales Island and mainland Alaska
·         Coco Channel - between the Burmese Coco Islands and the Indian North Andaman Island
·         Colvos Passage - Puget Sound
·         Cook Strait - between the North Island and South Island of New Zealand
·         Straits of Corfu - between the Greek island Corfu and mainland Greece/Albania
·         Dalcahue Channel - between Quinchao Island and Chiloé Island
·         Dalco Passage - Puget Sound
·         Dampier Strait (Papua New Guinea) - between New Britain and Umboi Island
·         Dampier Strait (Indonesia) - between Bird's Head Peninsula and Raja Ampat Islands
·         Danish straits - between Scandinavia and Jutland
·         Dardanelles - between Europe and Asia
·         Davis Strait - between Baffin Island and Greenland
·         Deception Pass - Puget Sound
·         Denmark Strait - between Greenland and Iceland
·         Detroit River - between Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie
·         Dixon Entrance - between Alaska and British Columbia
·         Dolphin and Union Strait - between Northwest Territories and Victoria Island
·         Dominica Passage - between Dominica and Guadeloupe
·         Strait of Dover - the narrowest part of the English Channel between Great Britain and France
·         Dragon's Mouths (Bocas del Dragón) - between Trinidad and Venezuela
·         Drake Passage - between South America and Antarctica
·         East River - between Manhattanthe Bronx and Long Island
·         English Channel - between Great Britain and France
·         Euripus Strait - Between the Island of Euboea and Greece mainland on the Aegean
·         Falkland Sound - between West Falkland and East Falkland
·         Fehmarn Sound - between German island Fehmarn and the German mainland
·         Fehmarn Belt - between the German island Fehmarn and the Danish island Lolland
·         Straits of Florida - between Florida and Cuba
·         Formosa Strait - between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland
·         Foveaux Strait - between the South Island and Stewart Island of New Zealand
·         Fury and Hecla Strait - between Baffin Island and Melville Peninsula
·         Galowa Strait - a.k.a. Sele Strait
·         Strait of Georgia - between Vancouver Island and mainland British ColumbiaCanada
·         Strait of Gibraltar - between Europe and Africa
·         Golden Gate Strait - between Marin County, CA and San Francisco, CA - entrance to San Francisco Bay
·         Great Belt - between the islands of Zealand and Funen in Denmark
·         Guadeloupe Passage - north of GuadeloupeWest Indies
·         Gulf Trough (a.k.a. Suwannee Strait) - (prehistoric)
·         Hall Basin - between Ellesmere Island and Greenland
·         Harlem River - between Manhattan and The Bronx
·         Haro Straits - series of straits between British Columbia and Washington state
·         Hecate Strait - between Haida Gwaii and British Columbia
·         Honguedo Strait - between Anticosti Island and Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec
·         Strait of Hormuz - between Oman and Iran
·         Hōyo Strait - between Kyūshū and Shikoku in Japan
·         Hudson Strait - between Baffin Island and Quebec
·         Irbe Strait - between Latvia and the island of Saaremaa in Estonia
·         Jamaica Channel - between Jamaica and Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea
·         Jildo Strait - somewhere around Waigeo [2] (same as Jailolo Strait?[3])
·         Johor Strait or Strait of Johor - between Singapore and the state of Johor of Malaysia
·         Strait of Juan de Fuca - between Vancouver IslandCanada and Olympic PeninsulaUnited States
·         Kalmar Strait - between Öland and Småland
·         Kane Basin - between Ellesmere Island and Greenland
·         Kanmon Strait - between Honshū and Kyūshū
·         Kara Strait - between Novaya Zemlya and Vaygach Island in Russia
·         Karimata Strait - between Sumatra and Borneo
·         Kattegat - between Danish Jutland and Swedish Halland and neighboring provinces.
·         Kerch Strait - between Crimea and Russia
·         Kill Van Kull - between Staten Island and Bayonne, New Jersey
·         Kitan Strait - between Awaji Island and the island Honshū in Japan
·         Korea Strait - between Korea and Japan
·         Gulf of Kuşadası - between Turkey and the Greek island Samos
·         Kvarken - between Sweden and Finland
·         Kwangtung Strait
·         La Désirade Passage - Guadeloupe
·         La Pérouse Strait (also Soya Strait) - between Sakhalin and Japan
·         Langeland's Belt - between Danish islands of Langeland and Lolland
·         Les Saintes Passage - Guadeloupe
·         Little Belt - between the island Funen and mainland Denmark
·         Lombok Strait - between Bali and Lombok in Indonesia
·         Luzon Strait - between Taiwan and LuzonPhilippines
·         Straits of Mackinac - between Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas
·         Strait of Magellan - between South America and Tierra del Fuego
·         Makassar Strait - between Borneo and Sulawesi
·         Malacca Strait or Strait of Malacca - between Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra
·         Maliku Kandu - Maldives
·         Malta Channel - between Malta and Sicily
·         Mare Island Strait - California
·         Marie-Galante Passage - Guadeloupe
·         Martinique Channel - between Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada
·         Martinique Passage - between Dominica and Martinique
·         McClure Strait - Melville Island and Banks Island
·         Menai Strait - between Anglesey and mainland Wales
·         Strait of Messina - between Sicily and mainland Italy
·         The Minch - between Outer Hebrides and mainland Scotland
·         Mindoro Strait - between Mindoro and Palawan in the Philippines
·         Mona Passage - between Hispaniola and Puerto Rico
·         Myeongnyang Strait - between Jindo Island and mainland South Korea
·         Mytilini Strait - between Turkey and the Greek island Lesbos
·         Nares Strait - between Ellesmere Island and Northern Greenland and connects Baffin Bay with Lincoln Sea / the Arctic Sea.
·         The Narrows - between Staten Island and Brooklyn in New York City
·         Naruto Strait - between Awaji Island and the island Shikoku in Japan
·         Nemuro Strait - between Kunashir Island and the Shiretoko Peninsula in HokkaidōJapan
·         Nicholas Channel - between Cuba and the Bahamas
·         North Channel - between Northern Ireland and Scotland
·         Northumberland Strait - between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick/Nova Scotia
·         Niagara Strait or Straits of Niagara - between Lake Erie and the Lake Ontario / and the Province of Ontario, Canada, and the State of New York, USA
·         Old Bahama Channel - between Cuba and the Bahamas
·         Øresund - between Danish Zealand and Swedish Scania
·         Ombai Strait - Alor ArchipelagoIndonesia
·         Strait of Otranto - between Italy and Albania
·         Palk Strait - between India and Sri Lanka
·         Panama - Between North America and South America (Panama Canal)
·         Pearse Canal - between Alaska and islands of British Columbia
·         Pentland Firth - between the Orkney archipelago and the mainland of Scotland
·         Pertuis d'Antioche - on the Atlantic coast of Western France
·         Pickering Passage - Puget Sound
·         Pitt Strait (Indonesia) (a.k.a. Sagewin Strait) - between Salawati and Batanta in Indonesia
·         Pitt Strait (New Zealand) - between Chatham Island and Pitt Island in the Chatham Islands
·         Port Washington Narrows - Puget Sound
·         Porte des Morts - between Green Bay and Lake Michigan
·         Qiongzhou Strait - Hainan and Guangdong
·         Revenges Strait - a.k.a. Sele Strait
·         Rich Passage - Puget Sound
·         Robeson Channel - between Ellesmere Island and Greenland
·         Sagewin Strait - a.k.a. Pitt Strait (Indonesia)
·         Saint-Barthélemy Channel - between Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin
·         St George's Channel - between Ireland and Wales
·         St George's Channel - between New Britain and New Ireland in the Bismarck Archipelago
·         Saint Lucia Channel - between Martinique and Saint Lucia
·         Saint Vincent Passage - between Saint Vincent and Saint Lucia
·         Sakonnet River - between Aquidneck Island and Tiverton and Little ComptonRhode Island.
·         San Bernardino Strait - between Luzon and Samar in the Philippines
·         San Juanico Strait - between Samar and Leyte islands in the Philippines
·         Scapa Flow - between several of the Orkney islands
·         Sele Strait (a.k.a. Galowa Strait, Revenges Strait) - between Salawati and New Guinea
·         Serpent's Mouth (Boca del Serpiente) - between Trinidad and Venezuela
·         Shelikof Strait - between mainland Alaska and Kodiak Island
·         Sibutu Passage - between Borneo and the Sulu Archipelago
·         Strait of Sicily - between Sicily and Africa
·         Singapore Strait - between Singapore and Indonesia (Sumatra)
·         Skagerrak separating Denmark from Norway and Sweden
·         Smith Sound - between Ellesmere Island and Greenland
·         The Solent - between the Isle of Wight and southern Great Britain
·         The Sound or Øresund - between Denmark and Sweden
·         South Kvarken - between the Finnish Åland Islands and Sweden
·         Soya Strait or La Pérouse Strait is a strait dividing Sakhalin (Karafuto) from Hokkaidō
·         Sumba Strait - between Flores and SumbaIndonesia
·         Sunda Strait - between Sumatra and Java
·         Surigao Strait - between Leyte and Mindanao islands in the Philippines
·         Suwannee Strait (prehistoric) - a.k.a. Gulf Trough
·         Svinesund - between Norway and Sweden
·         The Swale - between the Isle of Sheppey and southern Great Britain
·         Tablas Strait - between Mindoro and Panay islands in the Philippines
·         Tacoma Narrows - Puget Sound
·         Taiwan Strait - between Taiwan and Mainland China
·         Tanon Strait - between Negros and Cebu islands in the Philippines
·         Strait of Tartary (also Mamiya Strait and Strait of Nevelskoi) - Sakhalin
·         Strait of Tebrau - between Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore
·         Strait of Tiran - between the Sinai peninsula and Saudi Arabia
·         Tolo Channel - narrow opening to the Tolo Harbour in Hong Kong
·         Tongass Passage - between Alaska and British Columbia
·         Torres Strait - between New Guinea and Australia
·         Tsugaru Strait - between Hokkaidō and Honshū
·         Tsushima Strait - between Iki Island and the Korean Peninsula
·         Turkish Straits - collectively refers to the Turkish straits the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles
·         Vitiaz Strait - between New Guinea and Long Island
·         Wantsum Channel - former channel between the Isle of Thanet and the mainland of southern England – now drained, and Thanet now only separated from the mainland by the River Wantsum, a minor drainage channel
·         Wetar Strait - between Timor and the Indonesian island of Wetar
·         Windward Passage - between Cuba and Hispaniola
·         Yucatan Channel - between Mexico and Cuba

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