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Perils of Muslim Union for CSS English Essay

Perils of Muslim Union

1. Muslim population comprising 2/3rd of world's total population.
2. Despite enormous potential — Muslim world lags behind in all spheres of life. 
3. Thesis statement leading to conclusion. 

Overview of the economic potential of the Muslim World
1. World's largest oil reserves.
2. Arabian Peninsula enjoys a significant strategic position in the world.
3. Strait of Hormuz — 60% of the world's oil route. 
4. Economic growth rate high in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE.
5. Organisation of Islamic Countries — a Potential Organisation.

Perils of Muslim Ummah

Economic Causes
1. Lack of economic cooperation.
2. Diversified economic interests. 
3. Lack of economic cohesion and unity. 

Political Causes
Absence of democracy — Monarchical forms of governments (Saudi Arabia, UAE)

Technological and Educational backwardness
1. Lowest literacy rate.
2. Lack of scientific research and education. 
3. Inability to cope up with the changing global trends.

Cultural Causes
1. Islam versus the West. 
2. Islam perceived as a threat to modernism.

Terrorism: (among the Muslim Countries)
1. The wave of terrorism — damaging the fabric of Muslim countries. 
2. Muslims perceived as terrorists. 

OIC: A dead organisation
1. Inefficiency of organisation in the last three decades. 
2. Annual meetings without practical resolutions. 

Current situation and implications of the above mentioned factors
Muslim Ummah — caught up in a vicious cycle of terrorism, economic and political turmoil. 

Muslim Ummah targeted by the West in the name of Islam. 

Inability to resolve the core issues of Muslim world, like: 

1. Kosovo — Kashmir — Chechnya — Iraq — Afghanistan
2. Economic backwardness. 
3. Poverty, over population, high crime rate. 
4. Low GDP and HDI in Muslim world. 
5. Meagre contribution in world trade. 
6. Least developed infrastructure (Sudan, Somalia etc.)
7. Educational backwardness.


Economic cooperation: (Joint venture of Muslim world)
1. Open the barriers of trade. 
2. Enhance exports and imports. 
3. Make use of oil reserves to the benefit of whole Muslim Ummah. 
4. Easy visa policies — Human movement. 

Muslim World — to raise voices on international forums for conflict resolution
1. Kashmir; Pakistani dispute to be taken on the UN forums. 
2. Efforts for getting permanent seats in the UN Security Council. 
3. Muslims countries should get united to stop West's war against Islam. 

Muslim integration — Need of the hour
1. Muslim integration — only solution of Muslim problems. 
2. Muslim Monetary Funder Bank to be established. 
3. Fund collection for the poor Mu-slim countries (Sudan, Somalia).
4. Muslim rehabilitation fund should be established to cope with Natural Disasters (Earthquake, floods, draughts etc)

OIC — to be made a vibrant Organisation
1. Changes in the structure of the organisation. 
2. The pattern of “European Union” to be followed and “Muslim Union” to be formed. 
3. Bi-annual meetings should be held with persistent political will. 
4. Guidance and Economic assistance of Saudi Arabia should be sought out to address all the issues of Muslim Ummah.

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